Wyvernstone Priory

Wyvernstone Priory is home to a military religious order dedicated to the goddess Iomedae and is also the home of Lord Robert of Wyvernstone, one of the Charter-Lords of Newhaven. The aim of the Order is to train warrior/priests, either to serve as Military Chaplains (padres) or to join the fight against evil - perhaps
at Mendev or Lastwall

The Abbey has a specialist brewery that makes Abbot's Brewery makes Abbot Ale and Dom Cloudberry Wine for sale commercially and a Hospital Wing that specialises in Battle Injuries, although the medics are always sympathetic to requests for help from local people.

Grand Commander: Lord Robert of Wyvernstone

Prior Stephan oversees the day to day running of the priory.
Brother Adrian is the Cellarer, and is responsible for the Brewery
Brother Giles is the Sergeant-at-Arms, and is responsible for military training.
Brother Jenk is the Hospitaller who oversees the medical wing
Senior Novices have basic military and religious skills and look after the upkeep of the shrine. (8-9)
Junior Novices receive basic religious and military training on a regular basis. (70-80)

Between times, just about everybody maintains their humility by working in the priory's fields and granges.

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