Wyvernstone Bridge

A remarkable bridge of stone spans a gorge here through which the East Sellen River flows. This engineering marvel, built nearly 200 years ago just after Choral the Conqueror united Brevoy, offers an easy route over the wide river just before its southern flow empties into the Hooktongue Slough. The bridge itself, and the stone wyverns that guard each end, remains intact. There is a road leading east to Leveton and a trail leading south west to Drelev. The village is earmarked as Lord Robert’s domain, although there is little here at the moment.

1 Wyvernstone Abbey is dedicated to Iomedae and acts as both a shrine and a training school for holy warriors.
A) Shrine to Iomedae
B) Barracks / Living Accomodation
C) Abbey Brewery
D) Hospital Block
E) Abbot Robert's House

2 Wyvernstone Barracks Wyvernstone Barracks is a typical country barracks under the command of Sergeant Commandant Florence Johnston.

3 The Brightblade Tavern is a place for travellers to stay and eat. It has bunk room accommodation and decent menu. The Prior insisted that if anyone wanted to build a Public House here, it had to be reasonably upmarket.

4 The Quay makes Wyernstone a good place to pause on the journey between Port Slough and New Steven. It is also a good place to disembark if you are travelling to Newhaven or Restov.

5 Kardin's Stables You can hire or buy horses, ponies or wagons here.

6 Bridge Store sells all sorts of everyday goods, as well as small souvenir carvings of Wyverns. If it costs less than 5 gp they probably stock it.

The villagers have small holdings, grow grain for the brewery, and fish the local river.

Totals Stability +5 Economy +7 Loyalty +6 Defense Mod +8 Pop 1250
Abbey (Shrine) +1 +1 125
Abbey (Barracks) +1 +2 125
Abbey (Hospital) +1 +1 +1 125
Abbey (Manor House) +1 125
Abbey (Brewery) +1 +1 125
Barracks +1 +2 125
The Brightblade Tavern +2 +1 125
The Quay +1 +1 125
Kardin's Stables +1 +1 125
Bridge Store +1 125
Town Walls +4 0
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