Varnhold History

Varnhold is a small settlement to the south of Restov, formed when a Maegar Varn was given a charter to settle in the stolen lands. The publicised intention for the colony was to “establish a town and maintain the border with the Nomen centaurs.” Of the four charters issued this was most strongly tied to Restov, and many saw it as a way of strengthening that city’s southern borders. Varn hired a number of small mercenary units to accompany him into the wilds and named his small troop the Varnling Horde. Together they built a military outpost that managed to contain the centaur ‘problem’ by military means. The village and farms were mainly occupied by men seeking their fortune.

The leader, Maegar Varn was low ranking Sword Lord who was also the third son of Androth Varn, a Brevic baron of Issian descent (who is associated with House Medveyed). Maegar Varn is known to have travelled and studied for a while at the Kitharodian Academy, he was reported to be a follower of Erastil and an accomplished musician.

However, Varn’s chief scout managed to disturb a slumbering Lich Cyclops who possessed a minor artefact known as an Occulus of Abbadan. He managed to magically abduct the whole population of Varnhold, intending to use them as sacrificial victims and as a source of knowledge about the current state of the world. However the leaders of Newhaven stepped in and rescued some of the residents - although all of the village’s leaders were killed.

Now the village is run by Suka Varn (adopted daughter of Maegar) as a part of Newhaven.

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