Varnhold is a small town to the south of Restov, originally developed to protect the Restov’s southern border, although it is now it is a part of Newhaven. The town is still recovering from its near destruction at the hands of a Cyclops Lich! Varnhold History

Varn Keep: The hold of Lady Suka Varn of Varnhold. It also provides accommodation and offices for the local town watch, her personal guards and acts as a stopping point for the Marshals of the Patrol.

The Tannery: The village tanner, Ivan Zilev, lives and works here. This combination home and shop is filled with hides in various stages of stretching and curing.

The Cheerful Delver Brewery: This large, two-story building partially overhangs the river bank, with a sign above the front entrance showing a barrel and a smiling dwarf. This small brewery makes Cheerful Delver Stout - an earthy, dark beer that is a firm favourite among the locals.

Livery and Blacksmith: This long, low building partially surrounds a yard encompassed by a split-rail fence. A sign above a wide, barn-like entrance shows harness for a horse and a blacksmith’s anvil.

The Waterhorse Inn: A two-story inn stands just off the village commons. A sign above the door depicts a rider clinging to the back of a madly galloping horse with a green mane and a fish’s tail extending from its hindquarters. The inn’s walls are painted a cheerful shade of yellow to complement the red shutters.

Temple of Erastil: A small church stands here, its whitewashed walls and stained glass windows gleaming in the sun. The bow symbol of Erastil shines like a beacon above the doors. Behind it on one side sits a neatly kept parsonage, and on the other, a low hill holds the town’s small cemetery.

The Great Barn:This giant barn has both a cargo door on the front and a smaller
door on the side where a lean-to abuts the structure. It is used to store produce and goods from all of the local farms.

Iomedae's Statue The monument was erected by Lord Robert of Wyvernstone to commemorate the great loss of life during the early days of this settlement.

Totals Stability +8 Economy +7 Loyalty +9 Defense Mod +3 Pop 1375
Varn Keep (Manor) +1 125
Varn Keep (barracks) +1 +2 125
The Livery (Smith) +1 +1 125
The Livery (Stables) +1 +1 125
The Tannery +1 +1 125
Cheerful Delver Brewery +1 +1 125
The Waterhorse Inn +3 +1 125
The Temple of Erastil +2 +1 +2 250
The Great Barn +1 +1 125
Iomedae's Statue +3 125
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