Vale Trade Route

The Vale is one of the newest domains in the area and is the main point on a new trade route from the River Kingdoms and Galt to Iobaria and the Castrovin Sea. Development was funded by the NR Merchant Consortium with is rumoured to include House Cullerton from Lambreth, a wealthy Alchemist from Uringen, The Liacenza family from Pitax and one of the merchant houses from Restov.

Ruled by Baron Tolgrith it exports medicinal herbs, furs and small amounts of metal, however it’s main income is the toll it charges for caravans to use the road through the mountains. Tolls are collected, and subsequently distributed, by a troop of Tallymen lead by a priest of Abadar. It is no good trying to circumvent their checkpoints as you will almost certainly be spotted by the state marshals, who are reputedly lead by a Gnome ranger. They only have a small military force, but it is lead by a tattooed dwarf (known as Spider) who wades into any battle behind one of the largest shields that you have ever seen. There are a pair of elves who live a quiet life high up in the mountains, but it is reported that they have been known to ‘just appear out of nowhere’ and collect any tolls that might have been avoided. Apparently a lightning bolt striking a wagon or two is a marvellous incentive to pay up promptly in future.

That said, The Vale also supports a couple of small mines, controlled logging and a small community of trappers – all managed under the watchful eye of a local druid.

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