A winding path, with steps cut in it, leads up from the Varn Pass up to the small settlement of Torwatch. The area around the path is walled and gated, which makes Torwatch very easy to defend.

The Tower serves as home to the Lady Cassandra of Newhaven. She has installed a large telescope so that she can observe and catalogue the heavens. Alex Wyseman, a devotee of the god Nethys, is her major-domo and chief assistant. When Cassandra is away, he takes charge of the tower, observations and any magical research that is required. The tower has enough domestic servants (10) to make it ‘comfortable’. There are also enough footmen/guards (10) to defend the door and mount a guard on the roof.

The Barracks is a typical country barracks under the command of Sergeant Commandant Peter Zaitsev. Some of Sgt Zaitsev's men are experienced in the mountains, while others patrol the road below. While Lady Cassandra has her own contingent of guards, the barracks here has a secondary role of 'royal protection'.

Pharasma's Chantry House - Father Brald is the high priest, is supported by a small group of acolytes. However, there are often a number of other clergy who are undertaking a rest or recuperation period. The main chapel is a plain octagonal stone room with pharasma’s spiral set in the mosaic floor. Each wall has plaques for names to be carved into. There are sections for Patrons, Priors, Released and Voices. Twice a day there are remembrance services where prayers are said and each of the names is read out. The clergy (including the prior) live in a simple wooden residential block close by.
GM Notes


Totals Stability +2 Economy +1 Loyalty +1 Defense Mod +7
(Barracks) +1 +2
(Mansion) +1
(Shrine Pharasma) +1 +1 +1
(walls) +4
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