The New Haven Yeomen

Yeomen are not soldiers, but are community minded civilians who have some weapon training. Most of the time they work on farms, or in some other business, bur they turn out in emergency or if a posse is needed. They will fight to defend their homes or their crops, and can be mustered as reserves if the country is invaded. Co-sponsored by the churches of Iomedae and Erastus (but paid for by the state) the New Haven Yeomen operate across the land. Every military building provides free training in arms for the local citizens, and even keeps a small supply of weapons and armour on hand just for that purpose.

The Yeomen then serve as a volunteer reserve and support unit for local Wardens and Marshalls. They may be seen as part of a posse or accompanying a local patrol – but always in a minor or reserve role. However, should the nation go to war, they can maintain local law and order while the main forces are away, and can help defend their town if it should come under attack.

You can always tell a Yeoman by their small wooden badge with five ‘orbs’ burned on it. They don tabbards and march proudly in in the military parades on Stagfall that celebrate the founding of Newhaven and are seen as valuable addition to the forces.

Once a year (on Archer’s Day) there are shooting competitions for various different categories of ranged weapons, all over seen by the Clerics of Erastil, with small prizes (and lots of local Kudos) for the winners.

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