The Watch

The Watch keep the settlements of Newhaven safe. They are a cross between gate guards, security men, policemen and fire wardens all rolled into one. Most of the time, they guard gates, patrol street and keep the peace.

They are technically soldiers, so should it come to war, The Watch will muster and fight as required although, there will always be a delay as they must travel to their muster points and form-up ready for battle.

Watchmen are are normally light footmen with Diplomacy +5 as an extra skill, supported by Auxiliaries

The Watch use the following rank structure.

High/Lord Warden: Responsible for coordinating the provision of watchmen throughout the nation. Also has a role to ensure that the Sheriff of any given town or village is suitable and capable of doing the job properly. The Current High Warden is Sir Keston Garess. He is also the Sheriff of Horcroft.

Captain of the Watch: The senior warden in Cities and Large Towns. A Captain of the Watch is often Level five or six (or Higher) and will probably be an aristocrat or PC class.

Officer of the Watch: Senior Wardens who serve as lieutenants to the Captain of the watch. They might manage a city district, a town or an outpost. A barracks will have an Officer of the watch in command. Often level four or five and with a military background - Warriors, Aristocrats and PC classes predominate.

Sergeant of the Watch: Promoted Wardens who oversee the day to day running of a section. In a city each ward of the city might have a Day Sergeant and a Night Sergeant – in a large village or small town the whole watch might be overseen by a Sergeant. Sergeants are generally experienced wardens, often fourth level and mainly warriors.

Warden: A fully established watchman, properly trained and skilled in all aspects of the watchman’s role and responsiblities.

Cadet: Everyone has to start somewhere – and cadets are apprentices learning how to be a soldier, Marshal or warden. Most at 15 or 16 years old and don’t have an established class - but treat them as L1 commoners. Very occasionally you will find an older cadet who already has experience (maybe an adept) who is cross training for a career in the watch.

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