The Staff

The Travelling Guard

When the Charter Lords travel away from home they take their travelling guard with them. The guard don't follow them into dangerous situations, however, they are there to look after the horse, crew the boat and keep the camp safe and tidy.

  • Helga Holding: A half-orc from Mivon Helga grew up around river traders and pirates, and earned her first coin on the water. Helga was the bosun of the Charter Lord’s boat crew, and was employed as a member of Rudy’s staff when the boat crew was disbanded. She now travels with the Charter Lords’ party as a bodyguard / sailor / advisor.
  • Rosie (Rosicia): An escaped Halfling slave from Cheliax. She can hold her own in a fight, but prefers to stay out of sight if she can. She approached Hebrin for a job when she saw him during the liberation of Fort Drelev. She travels with the Charter Lords’ Party as a bodyguard and lookout – however she also does the cooking.
  • Duncan: Works for Cassandra but travels with the Charter Lords’ party. He is an experienced warrior who looks after the animals and finds game.

Rulers' Roost

Once a shared house for the Charter Lords, Rulers Roost has now become the house that they use to put up visiting dignitaries.

  • Mrs Lena Egwin – is an ex-innkeeper, a widow in her later middle age, who is always referred to as Mrs Egwin. Not much passes her unnoticed and she can be intimidating when she wants, but she is also diplomatic enough when she needs to be. She is a good cook and runs the household efficiently. She will use a rolling pin to defend herself (or make her point) if needs be.
  • Ola Jardon - Ola is young and pretty, barely out of her teens. She can cook a bit and is a reasonable seamstress although she is easily cowed and a bit scared of the ‘Big World’ out there. However, she is a cheerful girl who is liable to break into a quiet dance just for the pleasure of it

Rudy’s Staff

Rudy lives in a palace in Horcroft along with his wife, Tamary, and a number of staff. He is also planning to start up a travelling theatre or entertainment company – he isn’t quite sure which yet.

Helga, who travels with the Charter Lord's party, is also one of Rudy's staff.

The Palace Staff

  • Sarah D'Angello (Personal Representative) – oversees cultural events and productions (Plays, festivals, concerts etc) both in the palace and throughout the city on Rudy’s behalf.
  • Mr Butler the Butler (Head of House) – Oversees the running of the house and grounds, although he pays particular attention to the kitchens.
  • Roberto Tailor (Valet) - Looks after Rudy’s wardrobe, makes sure that all of the costumes, jewellery etc are in good condition, helps select suitable clothing and responsible for making sure that Rudy’s personal wine coolers and honey cake bins are properly filled.
  • Sandra Garess (Designer in Residence) – Makes sure that the flower displays are right, with the proper scents and perfumes, arranges curtains artistically, ensures that there are suitable musicians available, checks the colour and scent combinations in doors and out.
  • Peaches (Relaxation Coach) – massage and relaxation therapy. She has a number of scented massage oils as well as scented candles, especially soft towels and fluffy cushions.
  • Goddard Patroklos (Fencing Master) – Is in charge of the footmen, although he is also a fencing tutor to Rudy. Skilled with most swords, he is trained as a Rondellero duelist, specialising in the Falcata and Buckler style.
  • Indoors Staff – Kitchen Maids, Upstairs Maids (bedrooms), Downstairs Maids (general rooms), Window Dressers (do the artistic arranging after the maids have cleaned), Musicians (there is always soft music at appropriate times and places.
  • Outdoors Staff - Stable hands, Bird Keepers (for the mews), Gardeners.
  • The Footmen – Combination Servant / Guards – all well formed, good looking individuals – they act as ceremonial guards, cup bearers, runners and other similar services. The Footmen’s marching band is a grandiose title for two drummers and four pipers who can give a fife and drum marching display. They wear a formal uniform (similar to that worn by the now disbanded Boat Guard) and carry a Short Sword and Buckler - which looks really cool.

Tamary’s Personal Staff

  • Sophelia Cranston in her late 20s she is the oldest of the Ladies in Waiting. She is quiet and practical with household and healing/herbalist skills.
  • Marinda Besut – Late teens. The absolutely classic, flappy, ditzy, young aristo – now a Lady in Waiting. She is Tamary’s best friend.
  • Anjana - known as Anj – Is a servant who was held hostage along with Tamary and the other two girls. She now serves as Tamary’s Lady’s Maid.

The Travelling Theatre

  • Cora the Chorus Girl
  • Others to be decided

Cassandra's Staff

Cassandra's main residence is a great tower at Tor Watch, where she has installed a great telescope so that she can watch the stars. She also keeps a town-house in Horcroft for when she is visiting. It is her intention to start small diplomatic missions in various neighbouring cities, to represent Newhaven's interests. It will also give her a safe house to use as a teleport target in each of those locations.

Duncan, who travels with the Charter Lord's party, is also one of Cassandra's staff.

The Torwatch Staff

  • Alex Wyseman a devotee of the god Nethys, is her major-domo and chief assistant. When Cassandra is away, he takes charge of the tower, observations and any magical research that is required.
  • Indoors Staff – There are ten staff to cook, clean and generally look after the tower.
  • The Footmen – Combination Servant / Guards – all well formed, good looking individuals – they act as ceremonial guards, cup bearers, runners and other similar services. There are 10 of them.

The Town House

  • A small staff, perhaps a dozen people all together, provide basic supportand services when she needs them.

The Diplomatic Missions

  • are still in the planning phase.

Larran's Staff

Larran is the Lord of Whitecastle, a restored keep in a remote part of the Southern Narlemarch. It has attracted a few settlers, but it is a long way from any of the towns or cities.

Whitecastle Staff

  • Sir Edward Penya is the fouth son of a landed knight from Brevoy. He came south to win himself fame and status. He serves as Larran’s Lieutenant in Whitcastle, and over sees the various military forces that are garrisoned there.
  • The Butler Looks after the household and makes sure that all runs smoothly.
  • The Chaplain A half elf adept of the goddess Calistria. She looks after Larran’s personal “religious” needs.
  • The Cook / Housekeeper who makes sure everyone is well fed.
  • The Servants there are a dozen servants (maids, scribes and handymen) who look after the day to day chores around the estate.
  • The Footmen eight strapping young men who run messages, carry heavy loads, act as doormen or even as waiters.

Robert’s Staff

Robert is the Lord of Wyvernstone Bridge, and has a priory there dedicated to training Warrior-priests to act as military chaplains and support the fight against evil throughout the lands. Many graduates will eventually make their way to The World Wound and join the crusade against the Demonic Host that spew out into the world there.

He also has a small unit of healer-priests dedicated his service, who are currently deployed with the army in the war against Pitax.

Wyvernstone Priory Staff

  • Prior Stephan oversees the day to day running of the priory. He is an experienced priest with some training as a warrior.
  • Brother Adrian is the Cellarer, who is responsible for provisioning the house. A Churchman, who is particularly skilled as a brewer.
  • Brother Giles is the Sergeant-at-Arms, and is responsible for military training – he has served many years as a Military Chaplain.
  • Senior Novices, who already have basic military and religious skills. They look after the upkeep of the shrine as their prepare for their future. (3-4)
  • Junior Novices receive basic religious and military training on a regular basis. (30-40)

Field Hospital

  • Brother Jenk was trained as a Battle Medic at the temple in New Stetven. He brought his 'team' with him when he heard about the war between Newhaven and Pitax. (A3/W2)
  • Battle Medics x2 They have enough combat training to be properly protected, administer emergency aid and drag the injured to safety.(A2/W1 & A1/W1))
  • Medics x5 - churchmen work behind the lines stabilising and helping the wounded. (A1)
  • Medical Assistants x3 - Lay Assistants to help out with medical procedures. (E1)
  • General Assistants x2 - Lay brothers who help with general work around the medical centre (C1)
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