The Pitax Council

The Mayor

Joravin Pyathe (N male dwarven) ex Shipmaster of the Yards.

Administrative Positions on the Council

The Treasurer - Mikael of the Riversong Trade House. (LN Male Human)
The Warden – Mika of the Darkwind Wind Trade House (LE Male Half-orc)
The Marshal - Wyn of the Iron Fox Trade House (CG Male Human)
The Magister - Dina of the Serpent’s Breath Trade House (CN Female Half-elf)
The High Priest – Drey Yarnes, priest of Calistria (CG male human)
The General - Ilora Nuski. (CN Female human ranger)

Councillors without Portfolio

Salvarri Cattanei (N male human),
Jhofré Vascari (LN human male).
Eliste Strocalle (NE human female)
Gasperre Liacenza (CG male human),
Atalia Gitaren (headmistress) (NG female half-elf)
Kisandra Numesti (NG female human)

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