The Patent Lords

Lord Oleg Leveton
Mayor of Leveton
Middle aged man, originally chartered to develop a trading post. He was one of the first supporters of Newhaven, helped the charter lords establish their kingdom and signed up to be a part of it. His reward was the title of Lord Leveton. He is a follower of Erastil and doesn't want the bustle of the city to come to his trade post. Farmers and hunters are all right, as are basic tradesmen and passers by. Part of his income derives from land rent in Leveton.


Lord ‘Chief’ Sootscale
Mayor of Sootscale
Kobold. Chief Sootscale is boss of the Sootscale tribe of Kobolds who live o a reservation to the east of Horcoft. The Charter Lords helped the Sootscales to win a war with a neighbouring tribe of Mites and they have been allies ever since. The Sootscales now trade in silver ore from the mine they inhabit.


Lady Suka Varn
Mayor of Varnhold
The adopted daughter of Maegar Varn, the founder of Varnhold, she is a half-orc who is in her early 20s.  After the villagers were rescued from the lich Vordakai, Suka Varn inherited her father’s lands and titles and petitioned to become a part of Newhaven.  Now Varnhold marks Newhaven’s border with the Nomen Centaurs.  Varnhold is predominantly a rural / agricultural settlement, although it is also on the shortest route between Restov and Horcroft.   Other members of the Varn family hold land in Brevoy and are associated with House Medveyed. 

Lord Loy Rezbin - Mayor of Tatzleford.

Lady Parevain Khavortorov - of Berryfield and Port Slough

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