The Palace

The central wing is one huge ‘Grand Hall’ that reaches right up to the roof, it can double as a massive dining room, a ball room, even a theatre (at a push) depending on how the furniture is layed out. An open gallery (about 15 feet up) runs all the way around the great hall/ It is decorated with statues of Rudy and the other leaders - as well as various art-works and ‘collectibles’ that Rudy has acquired - displaying an eccentric mixture of statuary, fine art and personal mementoes. The galley can serve as an indoor promenade, is suitable for indoor bowls – and can also serve as a musicians galley, if required. There are a number of smaller rooms below the gallery that act as cloak rooms and service areas.

The North Wing is given over to kitchens, storage, staff accommodation and a couple of guest suites.
The South Wing holds Rudy’s private accommodation. On the ground floor there is a sitting room, a private dining room, his office, the mirrored room and a number of other small private chambers. The upper floor holds Rudy’s sleeping chamber, bath, personal servant chambers and rooms that can be either be used for his household or as guest chambers.

The Gate House is occupied by members of the Horcroft City Watch, who restrict public access to the Ruler’s palace. It also houses a number of guest suites on the upper floors.

There are formal gardens to the front of the palace, casual gardens along the south wall, and a private garden, complete with peacocks and other decorative birds, to the rear. The northern arm of the garden has been planted for the aromas of the plants, while the main gardens are planted for colour. There is a private bower in the north west corner of the gardens.

Behind the gardens there are stables, mews and living accommodation for the outside staff.

Palace Staff

Sarah D'Angello (Personal Representative) – oversees cultural events and productions (Plays, festivals, concerts etc) both in the palace and throughout the city on Rudy’s behalf. (Expert 8)

Mr Butler the Butler (Head of House) – Oversees the running of the house and grounds, although he pays particular attention to the kitchens. (Expert 4)

Roberto Tailor (Valet) - Looks after Rudy’s wardrobe, makes sure that all of the costumes, jewellery etc are in good condition, helps select suitable clothing and responsible for making sure that Rudy’s personal wine coolers and honey cake bins are properly filled. (Expert 2)
Sandra Garess (Designer in Residence) – Makes sure that the flower displays are right, with the proper scents and perfumes, arranges curtains artistically, ensures that there are suitable musicians available, checks the colour and scent combinations in doors and out. (Expert 2)
Peaches (Relaxation Coach) – massage and relaxation therapy. She has a number of scented massage oils as well as scented candles especially soft towels and cushions. (Expert 3)
Goddard Patroklos (Fencing Master) – Is in charge of the footmen, although he is also a fencing tutor to Rudy. Skilled with most swords, he is trained as a Rondellero duelist, specialising in the Falcata and Buckler style. (Warrior 3)

Indoors Staff – Kitchen Maids, Upstairs Maids (bedrooms), Downstairs Maids (general rooms), Window Dressers (do the artistic arranging after the maids have cleaned), Musicians (there is always soft music at appropriate times and places. (Expert 1)

Outdoors Staff - Stable hands, Bird Keepers (for the mews), Gardeners. (Expert 1)

The Footmen – Combination Servant / Guards – all well formed, good looking individuals – they act as ceremonial guards, cup bearers, runners and other similar services. The Footmen’s marching band is a grandiose title for two drummers and four pipers who can give a fife and drum marching display. They wear a formal uniform (similar to that worn by the now disbanded Boat Guard) and carry a Short Sword and Buckler - which looks really cool. (Warrior 1)

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