The Marshals

The Newhaven Outland Patrol

NOPs maintain the peace along the roads between settlements and the wilderness areas as well. Organised into small independent units, some mounted, some travelling on foot and some in boats, NOPs travel the highways, byways, waterways, lakes and wilderness of Newhaven as they see fit. Away from civilised areas they are judge, jury, peace officer and enforcement officer all rolled up together. They are authorised to use whatever force they think appropriate to the situation.

In extreme cases they may raise a 'Posse' of guardsmen, yeomen and other volunteers to help resolve a major threat (short term only)

Marshals are are normally light footmen with Survival+5 as an extra skill, supported by Auxiliaries

High/Lord Marshal: Responsible for co-ordinating the patrols across the nation and a member of The General Council. Larran Evenstar is the current High Marshal. He travels with Rudy, Cassandra, Robert and Hebrin as they map and explore the region – and advises them as they choose which areas to claim as their own.

Marshal: An experienced patrolman who holds a warrant from the high council authorising him to use what ever force is necessary to keep the peace and uphold the law. He is generally accompanied by two deputies. Marshals are often given responsibility for an areas or specific task and are expected to use their initiative to complete those tasks. This position is equivalent to Sergeant in most other services. (In game terms a patrol is likely to consist of 1xL4, 1xL3 and 1xL2 warriors - treat them as 3xL3))

Cadet: There are no cadets in the patrol. Entrants need to undertake basic training somewhere else (often with the with the city watch, guard or military) and then transfer in.

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