The Lord Advisors

Lady Svetlana Leveton
High Councillor
The wife of Lord Oleg Leverton and baker of the best honey cakes in the land. She wants Oleg to be happy, but then she wants everyone else to be happy too. She has undertaken to keep the rulers of Newhaven aware of the people's views and opinions.
Lord Charles rinNovak
Magister Oversees the day-to-day running of Newhaven
Politician and Diplomat. Charles come from deep in the river kingdoms and is fully committed to the concept of ‘The River Freedoms’. He is also a firm believer in education and learning (he has all sorts of academic skills) and would like to see that reflected in New Haven as it develops.


Lord Keston Garess (Kt)
High Warden of Newhaven
Soldier. Keston is minor member of a noble family (fallen from grace) who was bought up within Gorum’s faith, although he isn’t a fervent follower. He doesn’t have any strong views on how New Haven should develop - just so long as it has a good army and that he can get involved in some good fights!

Jhod of Elkwall
High Priest of Newhaven and Lord Councillor
Cleric of Erastil. Jhod is a middle aged man who came to find the Temple of the Elk, following a dream. Jhod thinks Newhaven should be rural and full of villages, small towns populated by Farmers, Hunters and Woodsmen. OK, you might need a big town or city to facilitate trade - but as little as you can get away with!

Lord Dabur Golka
Dwarf. Dabur is one of the few surviving members of the Golka clan, that had close ties with the Garess family in the Golushkin Mountains of Brevoy, before they ‘disappeared’. He is a skilled percussionist and can be very intimidating when he ‘turns it on’. He uses an Axe for executions and always puts on a good show.

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