The Horcoft Regiment

The Horcroft Regiment under the command of Captain Lonnny. Both companies (about 35 men in each) are based in Horcroft at Fort Stag.

The Heavy Company - Veteran Fighters specialised in the two handed style of combat. About half are armed with magical (+1) Great Swords, the rest are armed with magical (+1) Lucerne Hammers. They wear heavy armour and have a movement rate of 20 or 1 hex per day.

The Archers - Veteran Fighters specialised in the use of the Composite Long Bow. They carry magical (+1) composite longbows (with strength adjustments). They have a movement of 30 or 2 hexes per day.

They share watch duty (with the regular garrison) at Fort Stag but can easily be deployed to the outer walls of Horcroft should come under attack.

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