The Guard

This is a really diverse group of pulled together by the fact that they have responsibilities for guarding people or places. Unlike many other units they are made up of a real mixture of people with different skills.

The Boat Guard - the first of the formal guard units it consists of a group of four sailors/marine Auxiliaries under the command of Helga. They crew the 'royal' yacht and provide a ceremonial guard for the Charter Nobles when required.

The Horse Guard - a small unit of Light Cavalry, under the command of Lieutenant Breen, who carry out mounted escort duties. In between escort duties the Light Cavalry are used as a rapid reaction group capable of sorting out small problems.

The Dispatch - Light Soldiers mounted on light horses, who are assigned to act as messengers and dispatch riders. They generally fall under the command of a garrison commander, however if they are mustered for war they will fight as Light Infantry. Dispatch Riders have a better than normal ride skill.

The Water Guard - Light Soldiers and Auxiliary Troops skilled in boat use, who patrol the waterways and lakes of Newhaven. Most Water Guard have the skill profession:Sailor +4.

The Foot Guard - A mixture of Light Foot and Auxiliary Troops who make up the regular garrisons for military and state buildings. Each unit will have its own Commandant, with responsibility for the building. Troops garrisoned in the building will have their own command structure. Typical garrisons consist of …

  • Gurdinford (Barracks) 1 Sergeant/Commandant, 3 Light Foot ,1 Auxiliary & 1 Dispatch Rider
  • White Castle (Watch Tower) 1 Officer/Commandant, 6 Light Foot, 3 Auxiliaries & 2 Dispatch Riders
  • Torwatch (Watch Tower) 1 Officer/Commandant, 6 Light Foot, 3 Auxiliaries & 2 Dispatch Riders
  • Fort Stag (Garrison) 1 Officer/Commandant, 1 Sergeant, 12 Light Foot, 6 Auxiliaries, 2 Dispatch Riders & The Newhaven Regiment
  • None Yet (Castle) 1 Officer/Commandant, 2 Sergeant, 18 Light Foot, 9 Auxiliaries
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