The Gentry

Lily Teskerten
Socialite and Art Collector
Has lived in Horcroft almost since its founding, she is a bit of a flirt and interested in art. She knows lots of dashing young officers, artists, sculptors and musicians.

Atem Smith
Master Craftsman
Atem is a renowned smith who can make masterwork weapons and armour – as well as other master work steel items. He employs a number of smiths and over sees the work, making sure that it is carried out to the highest standards.

Conrad Brazon
Master Miller and Landlord
Conrad owns both the wood and grain mills, and most of the cheap housing that sounds his business.

Peter Gasgano
Traveller from afar who has settled, at least temporarily, in Horcroft. He claims to hold a minor title, Court Squire, from some foreign country.

Adam Orlovsky, Rudy’s cousin
Maria Orlovsky, Rudy’s cousin
Sarah D'Angello (Court Artist, bard and dance teacher)
Prior Stephan of Wyvernstone Abbey
Father Brald, High Priest at Pharasma’s Chantry in Torwatch
Alex Wyseman – Steward of Torwatch.

Whoever runs the Luxury Store in Horcroft
Whoever runs the Jeweller / Gem store in Horcroft


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