White Castle

White Castle is an old elven keep deep in the forest of the Narlmarch, at the head of the River Murque. It marks the south west corner of the land that Newhaven claims as its own. It has been renovated and is home to Lord Larran Evenstar.

The large central tower has been rebuilt in grand style as Lord Larran’s home. Sir Edward Penya is the steward and he oversees both the household staff and the local military detachment, while Lord Larran is away from home. Lord Larran runs a simple home - a secretary, cook, valet and maid, all supported by a small group of footmen / guards. Lord Larran's religious needs are catered for by a priestess of Calistria.

The smaller perimeter towers serve as a base for the marshals, guards and the other paramilitaries who have responsibilities in this region. They are all under the command of Lieutenant Commandant Artur Karlson.

A number of settlers have made their homes at White Castle. While you can find a lot of skills at low level, the settlers here make their living from the forests that surround them. There are mainly charcoal burners, hunters and trappers – although there is also a forest gardener or two.

Totals Stability +2 Defense Mod +4 Income 0
White Castle (Great Keep) +21 +4

Bonuses recorded in Small Settlements

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