The Fable

A self contained, bounteous permanent demi-plane.

Taken from The Fable in Kingmaker - and tweaked to fit the Create Demiplane spell.


M7d - Top Floor.

This private bedchamber is lit by several ever-burning torches. There is a bed, settee, side tables, etc. A staircase leads down.

Looking around you can find a number of things you recognise - the Stag Lord’s helm, Ovinrbaane and the Oculus of Abaddon. There are also a unicorn’s horn, a tattzlewyrm’s claw and a Hodag’s skull amongst other similar items.

A crystalline bottle sits on a table— radiating overwhelming transmutation magic, but does not possess any intrinsic magical powers. It is worth 8,000 for its otherworldly workmanship.


This chamber is a plain circular room with stone walls, floor, and ceiling, lit by several dancing lights floating near the ceiling. A statue of Nyrissa stands in the centre of the room, one arm held out as if in greeting.

A trap door leads down to the tree trunk below, while a narrow staircase leads up to the bed chamber.


A wood and rope spiral staircase winds around the tree trunk and down to the garden below, but near the top of this section the ‘path’ leads out along one of the major branches – to a trap door set into the wooden floor of the tree house that dominates the top of the tree.

Branches and leaves hand down the side, but the branches start to feel thin an insecure when you are more than a couple of feet from the trunk. The tree is permanently in fruit, but each branch yields something different. There are fruits, nuts and berries just waiting to be picked.

M7a - Ground Floor

This chamber appears to be circular walled garden – the walls are about 10 feet high, where they meet the branches and leaves hanging down from the central tree. A wood and rope spiral staircase winds around the tree trunk into the branches above. Water pours out of a spout set into an old tree trunk against the wall to pool in the pond below.

Daisies and other small plants dot the grass of the garden, and it feels just like a balmy summers evening. It would be a great place just chill sitting on the grass.

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