The Chivalrics

Sir Keston Garess
High Warden of Newhaven
Soldier. Keston is minor member of a noble family (fallen from grace) who was bought up within Gorum’s faith, although he isn’t a fervent follower. He doesn’t have any strong views on how Newhaven should develop - just so long as it has a good army and that he can get involved in some good fights!


Captain Sir Mikmek Sootscale
Warden of Sootscale
Kobold Warrior. Mikmek is the leader of a small group of Kobold warriors based in the Kobold Reservation at Sootscale. He has dark grey scales and likes swimming. Mikmek lived in Horcroft for a few months as a member of the Horcroft watch.


Sir Lonny Donagon
Captain of the Newhaven Regiment
Sir Lonny is a huge man who spent a number of years hunting Owlbears across the stolen lands. When the Charter Lords established Newhaven he made a name for himself overseeing road construction and then as steward of the Forgotten Keep (now known as White Castle. Lonny has a love of daggers and is a skilled archer.

Sir Legnus Glynn
Master of the Horcroft Sword School
A member of a merchant family from Restov, he is the protégé of Arlan Berlan, Rudy's old school headmaster. Now he runs a sword school in central Horcroft and helps Rudy develop his skills with the rapier.

Sir Edward Penya
Steward of Whitecastle
The fourth son of a minor house in Brevoy, looking to make a place for himself. He is both an aristocrat and an experienced warrior.

Sir Breen Sowden - Captain of the Newhaven Horse

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