Game Session Reports

Week 20 - A bad week at the office

by JohnBJohnB 18 Nov 2012 01:04

Setting off fort home they travelled back on the gnome ferry, admiring a new system for winding cables and another for shooting extra powerful crossbow bolts. The on to Gurdinford where they discovered Tig had started a menagerie - his favourite animals of the moment is a baby centipede and a weasel he wants to put down his trousers! Not sure they approve of his new interests the party headed back to town, just in time to help Charles interview for a new state executioner to take over from Captain Mikmek. The Gnome with an interest in causing ‘accidents’ to his targets was dismissed quite quickly although there was a longer debate as that chose between a half-Orc and a dwarf called Dabor. In the end they went for the Dwarf bard (one of the few surviving members of the Golka Clan) because he could put on a good show. The half-Orc took a job as a sergeant in the town guard instead.

Week 19 - Agitator!

by JohnBJohnB 11 Nov 2012 11:21

Everything seemed quiet in Horcroft - Charles presented a more refined system for the aristocracy that includes provisions for Nobles and Knights along with an overall government system based on a series of different councils.. There was also some discussion of which laws to enact and how to expand Horcroft. They decided that a Shrine for a local priest was of most importance, followed up by town walls and a quayside). There is also the question of which areas to claim next – their initial plans are almost completed - it is only a month or so until the road reaches Leveton and Oleg’s trading post.

Week 18 - Heads and Tails

by JohnBJohnB 04 Nov 2012 10:38

Werewolf problems solved the party set out to track down the worg who was preying on travellers through the Kamelands – and in search of a reward offered by their own government :} Word was that the worg claimed an area along the Gurdin River as ‘his’ territory, so they started searching - first to the north of the river, then after a brief stop at Gurdinford, to the south. They were surprised to find that Tanners (Tig's parents) had converted to be followers of Gozreh after a passing Gozren cleric claimed the voice on the wind (which told where Tig was held captive) was sent by Gozreh.

Week 17 - Werewolf!

by JohnBJohnB 27 Oct 2012 23:34

The new Ale House opened up in town called The Lizard’s Head and started doing a roaring trade, and the party moved into one of the houses that they have had built leaving the fort to fill its role of barracks, watchtower and town hall rolled into one. Following tradition, the landlady (Lilia) put up a notice board - and the party found job offers for people to go searching for Shamble-compost and Trolls blood as well as rewards for various other tasks and warnings. There were even a couple of rewards posted on their by their own government to go searching for a worg and a dragon!

Week 16 – The Mad Hermit

by JohnBJohnB 20 Oct 2012 23:44

Since Tig has been found and returned to his parents the party felt they could relax a bit. There was a chance to review their exploration to date – seeing what had been missed out and what they had discovered. It was also a chance to review the skills and experience they had gathered during the last few weeks. Time seemed to be going so fast ….

Week 15 - Finding Tig

by JohnBJohnB 07 Oct 2012 10:22

After their expedition into the tomb, the party decided to make their way back to Gurdinford to see if Tig had returned. The lad was still missing, but there was excitement because the wind had given a message to his parents. They said they heard the wind whispering in the thatch and that it had said that Tig had been captured by the Lizardfolk at the bottom of Candlemere. The party were fairly sceptical about that, seeing as the wind doesn’t normally talk and set off across the river to search along the river and lake banks as they made their way down toward Candlemere. A couple of days later they realised that they couldn’t get all the way around the lake and decided to head back to Horcroft to get a boat. However, they hung around for a day hoping that they could slip though Gurdinford unnoticed by the residents if they went at midnight. However, during that extra time they managed to find a strange bubbling mud bowl that made them feel sick, however they chose not to explore it. When they got to the ford Arven Fisher was up with a rod in the river trying for eels – so they didn’t manage to get back undetected.

Week 14 - Looking for Tig

by JohnBJohnB 23 Sep 2012 08:43

Cassandra convalesced in Fort Stag as the others organised their new realm, and even with the aid of special scrolls sent down from Restov and appropriate care by Robert it took a good couple of weeks for her to feel fully rested and ready to face the world again. Eventually though she was ready and the group set off to explore east of Horcroft, although they had to head north to the ford and then back down again to cross the Shrike River. Only to find the Gurdin River blocking their path. It was fifteen miles or so before they found a ford and the small settlement that had grown up alongside it – called Gurdingford! There they met Arven the Fisher, Besh the hunter and the Tanners, who had lost their young son Tig – and after staying the night they set off to search for Tig.

Week 13 - Life and Death

by JohnBJohnB 15 Sep 2012 23:51

Back at the Fort the group planned the development of their nation, discussed roles and negotiated positions eventually creating a national council to oversee their new nation.

Week 12 - A new challenge

by JohnBJohnB 09 Sep 2012 08:47

Back at Fort Stag - Robert, Ox and their new guard commander, Keston, started putting things in order. They set about clearing the courtyards of fallen rock, and started building a thatched roof over the open areas. It would never be more that a temporary solution, but the Fort will be drier and much more comfortable.

Week 11 - Victory & Reward

by JohnBJohnB 09 Sep 2012 08:45

The raid on the Fort had started in the middle of the night and they had been fighting by a strange mixture of light from torches a bit of moon light and the light from spells – so they decided to wait until the morning before making a full exploration of the fort. So they tidied up, set a light guard and got a bit of sleep while they waited. However, they put some heavy rubble on top of the trapdoor to stop anything coming out of it until they were ready.

Week 10 - Revisiting the Stag Lord

by JohnBJohnB 09 Sep 2012 08:45

The party laid low for a couple of days, recovering and then sent Rudy and Hebrin off to watch the Fort. Before long they saw the visiting group leave without the loot they had bought in, but decided not to apprehend them. Instead they continued to watch and realised that the guard schedule seemed to be pretty much the same as before with three guards on watch at any given time. So they decided to mount another assault, only this time they planned it a bit more thoroughly.

Week 9 - Finding the Stag Lord

by JohnBJohnB 09 Sep 2012 08:44

They left Oleg’s bound for the Temple of Erastil where they had left Jhod, carrying a few of the household goods they had purchased on his behalf – only to be ambushed as they cross the ford on the Thorn River where the old bandit camp had been.

Week 8 - Back in the Woods

by JohnBJohnB 09 Sep 2012 08:43

The party has collected a series of rewards from Oleg, the Sword Lords in Restov and a couple of others, so they decide to blow their hard earned savings and order a Bag of Holding through Oleg’s store. It is going to take a week or so to arrive, so they decide to wait at Oleg’s until then. While they are there, they also meet up with Vekkel for the first time, who rewards them with a Masterwork Longbow and some magical arrows for bringing him Tuskgutter’s head. During that week they find out a bit more about the developments that are going on.

Week 7 - Temple of the Elk

by JohnBJohnB 09 Sep 2012 08:42

After a couple of nights at Oleg’s the group set off into the wild again hoping to find Tuskgutter’s lair. They had decided it was in the forest, so the travelled down to the bandit camp that destroyed earlier and decided to use that as a base for exploring the region. Hebrin laid out some snares overnight and caught a small deer. They cleaned it up and hung much of the meat in a sack high up in a tree so that it was ready for that next evening and went out exploring.

Week 6 - Ending a war

by JohnBJohnB 09 Sep 2012 08:41

Started with the party deep in the middle of the mite stronghold, having recued a Kobold called Mikmek. They had just killed the large centipede that lived in the very bottom of the mite nest and were talking about taking a rest …

Week 5 - Mites

by JohnBJohnB 09 Sep 2012 08:40

After camping and doing some gentle exploring, they found another bridge across the river – only this one was guarded by an undead incarnation of the bridge keeper. He told them he had been killed by the Stag Lord and his men and demanded the body of the Stag Lord be thrown into the river, or else …

Week 4 - Vermin

by JohnBJohnB 09 Sep 2012 08:39

All refreshed, the group set off to do a little bit more exploring and then rid the region of Mites. However, they got distracted by an old lightening struck tree that mad them think of the ‘Treasure Map’ that they found,

Week 3 - Starting to explore

by JohnBJohnB 09 Sep 2012 08:35

This session was fairly quiet – partly because I had a cold/sore throat – and partly because everyone was on the verge of going up a level.

Week 2 - Chasing Bandits

by JohnBJohnB 08 Sep 2012 20:17

They spent another night at the trade post, getting to know Oleg and Svetlana better and finding out more about the region. They discovered that along with other things the bandits had stolen Svetlana’s wedding ring.

Week 1 - Starting out

by JohnBJohnB 08 Sep 2012 20:09

The Kingmaker Campaign.

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