Game Session Reports

Week 40 - Mud, Roc and a mine.

by JohnBJohnB 28 Apr 2013 09:12

After the great omelette feast, the rulers of Newhaven held a planning session. They decided that their new military unit should be made up of Archers and Hammer-men and that it should be based at fort Stag. The Horseguard would also be based in Fort Stag, while a regular unit of Light Foot would replace them at Tor Watch. The leaders themselves would continue their exploration of the land north of The Gurdin all the way to the mountains.

Week 39 - Parading for Dinner

by JohnBJohnB 13 Apr 2013 23:55

It was time for the Stag Fall festival, to celebrate the fall of the Stag Lord and the founding of Newhaven. The day started out with a parade, Rudy had a new suit, and Cassandra got a new dress, while Robert, Ox and Keston all got special parade armour representing their rank in the Newhaven Military. Hebrin, stood on the viewing platform, along with the rest of the nobles, but managed to make himself fairly inconspicuous.

Week 38 - Loose Ends

by JohnBJohnB 07 Apr 2013 11:10

The group were stuck in Varnhold for a while. Robert had agreed to bury all the bodies they had recovered from Vordakai’s tomb, and there were about as many bodies as there were able body survivors. And most of the survivors were in a state of shock. It was decided that they should dig individual graves for people - and it would take about as long to dig a mass grave - or at least it would if they wanted to do it with a suitable of respect. So the soldiers and troopers dug the graves, with some help with recovered locals, and Robert lead a simple ceremony based on the faith of Iomedae.

Week 37 - Daemons and Flying Horse-Women ….

by JohnBJohnB 31 Mar 2013 14:48

After another night on the ledge, Robert did his best to restore the party, but after his recent demise, and raising and Hebrin’s brush with the spectre, they were still feeling weak. However, they wanted to find Xamanthe, the Centaur Warrior, daughter to the battle-priestess of the Nomen, who they thought was still in the tomb. And there was that temple they had by-passed earlier … So leaving Peter the Sage, Farmer Giles and the Young Girl safely on the ledge they went back into the fray.

Week 36 - In the Crypt 3

by JohnBJohnB 24 Mar 2013 10:16

They spent the night on the ledge, in the fresh air and away from the foul stench of the hell pool not all that far below them - then in the morning Robert worked his spells as best he can. First trying to restore his wisdom and the restoring the life energy that Hebrin had lost to the spectre.

Week 35 - In the Crypt 2

by JohnBJohnB 18 Mar 2013 22:28

The body of the spell casting zombie had fallen into the steaming tar pit, so the group took some time to work it how to drag it to land. Eventually an Unseen Servant was summoned to drop a loop of rope over a hand that was sticking us and the body was towed slowly to the side. However, they realised that they would not be able to lift it out of the water like that - so a grappling hook was used to yank it physically onto a blanket.

Week 34 - In the Crypt 1

by JohnBJohnB 10 Mar 2013 00:41

The party started through the secret door they had discovered to find a large pool full of murky water. They spotted a stair case leading under the water and a tunnel leading out through the far side. Rudy used his slippers of climbing to walk along the wall and check on the tunnel, but was surprised, on his way back, when a long serpentine neck reached out of the water and snapped at him. A short fight followed, although the large water monster hurt them, they managed to kill it quite easily in the end. Cassandra used a detect magic and she spotted something under the water – which Rudy managed to retrieve – A small silver bird statue and a platinum and ruby ring. The statue went into Cassandra’s back pack and Larran took the ring.

Week 33 - Dying to meet you.

by JohnBJohnB 03 Mar 2013 23:56

After a recovery period the group set off to the mountains, still trying to resolve the puzzle of the missing Varnholders. However, they decided to stop of at The Linnorm’s Grave first. They discovered a massive skeleton, years old, half buried, along with various offerings of meat and flagons of drink - that the party assumed had been left be centaurs. Just after they left, they almost blundered into a herd of Mastadon. The big bull came out to challenge them, and Rudy decided to use a ’Speak with animals’ spell to open negotiations. Which seemed to consist of the mastodon repeating elephantine comments along the lines of “Gert orf moi land!” The party obliged by backing off and making a detour.

Week 32 - Short and scarey

by JohnBJohnB 16 Feb 2013 00:37

When the party got back to Varnhold they discovered Lord Varn's adoptive daughter, Suka, in the grounds of the keep. After a brief discussion the party accepted that she was Varn's heir and gave her access to the small fort, they had been using as a base. She and her entourage moved into some of the rooms on the upper floor. During the evening discussion with her entourage served to confirm her claim - so the party returned the Sword with the Varn family crest and the pay chest they had found in the fort.

Week 31 - Nomen and a spider in need!

by JohnBJohnB 10 Feb 2013 01:00

After recovering from the effects of the spiders, the party continued looking for the Nomen Centaurs, heading off towards the part of the map marked with a series of parallel lines. Indeed, when they got there, they discovered a series of furrows and potholes scaring the ground. They even spotted the new furrow being carved straight towards them, and the steel like fin that broke through the surface of the earth, and worked out it was a land shark. However, they didn’t know about its incredible ability to launch itself out of the earth into the air and land on its prey.

Week 30 - Politics and Spiders

by JohnBJohnB 02 Feb 2013 23:56

The group stayed overnight in the parsonage, before contacting the Guards who had been asked to wait a few miles outside town. One of those was sent to collect the rest of the group from Nikvita’s crossing – and soon everyone was back together again.

Week 29 - The Abandoned Village (pt2)

by JohnBJohnB 27 Jan 2013 01:03

The group spent the night locked into the Tailor’s house, behind barred and barricaded doors. The took single watches seeing as they had two blinded party members and there was a bit of contention over whether to spread crockery across the ground floor … It was Larran who saw the face at the window – and Rudy who was confused, next morning, that little footprints seemed to turn into big footprints ….
Next morning, sight restored they went exploring.

Week 28 - The First Signs of Spring

by JohnBJohnB 20 Jan 2013 01:21

The days are getting significantly longer and the farmers are starting to plant their crops, so the group decided it was time to look outside their own borders. There was some discussion of a trip to Drelev, because Rudy wanted to see Tamary again - but they discovered that one of their members of a rich merchant house was missing. He had been going to Varnhold to see the jeweller the gem cutter there, and was weeks overdue. So they decided to pay a visit to Varnhold instead – travelling via the proper roads (as the missing merchant was supposed to have done) rather than across the much shorter (but basic) trail that had started to develop.

Week 27 - Winter draws on

by JohnBJohnB 13 Jan 2013 19:14

It was winter, it was cold and if there wasn’t a frost – there was snow. That meant travel was difficult and building in the countryside was impossible. So they stayed home, planning for the following year and tying up all the loose ends. However, there were things to do. First was to investigate the ring they found in the owl-bears lair – and Charles was just the man for that. An owl feather steeped in wine, a short incantation and he started work on the ring. Like Cassandra, he recognised that there was a an enchanting Aura and an Necromantic aura on the ring, but he was able to go a step further and recognise it as a charm, a charm that affected beasts rather than anything else. Beasts like the owl-bear. He tried again the following day after doing some research on necromantic spells, and managed to detect that the ring cast a curse as well. Not what he was expecting at all, and it wasn’t until the following day Charles could tell the group that the curse was a curse of rage and in two parts.

Week 26 - Hunting the Beast

by JohnBJohnB 06 Jan 2013 01:11

They waited the night out at Gurdinford and then set off after the owl-bear. Once across the river they were surprised to see a faint trail that looked like it would lead down towards Gnome Ferry and Jovvox. It wasn’t much of a path, but it was more evidence of the rapid growth of Newhaven. However, the owl-bear tracks went off an a tangent - they were fairly easy to follow and lead miles across country right down to the Little Sellen River, a dozen (or so) miles east of Gnome Ferry. There inside a cave in a rocky hillock they discovered the beast’s lair.

Week 25 – The Year Turns

by JohnBJohnB 23 Dec 2012 10:24

It was straight into organising for the ennoblement ceremony and the Winter Festival. The open area down by the new pier had been selected to host the ceremony, although it had also been used for the executions and needed a bit of a clean up before hand. Slowly a large awning was built with a small dais underneath it, Rudy and the nobles would be under the awning and the public would be invited to watch. Right around the outside would be all the traders and vendors selling seasonal snacks and drinks. There was a big chair (although not quite a throne) for Rudy, with chairs for the other Charter Lords arranged behind. First Oleg and Svetlana, Chief Sootscale and Larran were given noble titles, then Keston, Lonny, Mikmek and Nug were given chivalric titles within the order. Then there was a formal party – first of all around the Quayside, then back to Rulers Roost for all the new nobles and the elite of Newhaven. Then it was a series of parties and celebrations right to way up until after the New Year festival.

Week 24 - Evil Women

by JohnBJohnB 16 Dec 2012 00:44

After a couple of days at the Forgotten Keep the party headed home to Horcroft, to be met with a barrage of decisions about the details for celebrating the creation of the Newhaven nobility during the Winter Week celebrations. Charles had already sent invitations out to all of the main participants, and assured the group that all the council members would be invited, but they decided to Invite Loy Rezbin and his wife from Tatzleford and Narthrople the Gnome who had been off exploring the Northern regions of the Narlmarch. They also decided to invite the whole population of Gurdinford for the general celebrations (after all they had stayed there often enough) and to send seasonal greetings and gifts to all of the other villages in Newhaven.

Week 23: More Trolls

by JohnBJohnB 09 Dec 2012 00:17

The party pressed on first into a chamber that appeared to be a barracks, and the two troll there managed to trap them by the door – perhaps putting the light spell on the Halfling Scout’s helmet wasn't the cleverest of ideas. Still they won that battle and spent a couple or rounds ensuring they were dead, before they pushed on further into the lair.

Week 22 - Trolls!

by JohnBJohnB 01 Dec 2012 10:46

The party decided to stay at the Old Keep, while they sent the boat back to Horcroft for reinforcements. And soon these arrived in the form of Big Lonny, Nug and a couple of patrol groups from the The Marshals who will form an initial garrison for the Old Keep while the party continue their exploration of the surrounding area.

Week 21 - A Mixed Bag

by JohnBJohnB 24 Nov 2012 09:59

Back to Horcroft to find a merchant barge (from somewhere down river) arrived in town, that is heading further upstream to deal directly with the Kobold’s at Sootcale. It is also the only barge around that is big enough to carry both the water clock and the large alabaster statue back from the ancient keep. However, the captain insists on going up to Sootscale first - so Rudy, Hebrin and Larran decide to go with them.

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