Game Session Reports

Week 60 - Tournament!

by JohnBJohnB 02 Nov 2013 23:32

Right at the start of the year, when traffic along the rivers was properly established again, and it was time for the Rushlight Tournament in Pitax. They teleported to Port Slough, taking Tamary with them to spend time with her family, and went from there to the tournament on horseback. Duncan, Rosy and Helga went along to look after the horses and act as attendants should they be required.

Week 59 - End of the year

by JohnBJohnB 02 Nov 2013 23:12

Back in Horcroft the leaders of Horcroft spent a goodly while planning their national developments for the next littler while, and then headed back out into the wilds to deal with some giant bandits who had been threatening trade between Wyvernstone Bridge and Port Slough.

Week 58 - The Last Bits of Swamp

by JohnBJohnB 11 Oct 2013 22:10

They finished the trip across the lake following a flashing light that was leading into the Haunted Fens. Unfortunately they didn’t see the creatures under the boat, until they were attacked. Two long tentacles with claws on the end suddenly splashed out of the water, and grabbed at the heads of Cassandra and Larran. Fortunately both jerked away at just the last moment and the claws slipped off, they weren’t held even though they took damage from the sharp talons.

Week 57 - Boggards

by JohnBJohnB 05 Oct 2013 23:23

They spent a while scouting out the Boggard village, sending in an invisible and air walking Rudy. He spotted the sentries, a huge Frog like statue and some huts, but as the group tried to sneak in, they were spotted by the sentries. The chorus of loud and almost deafening croaks, seemed to disturb Cassandra, and she took off, back into the swamp, like a frightened hare. However, the others soon made mincemeat of the sentries and the lieutenants who soon appeared. Indeed they were dishing out so much damage that many of the sentries ran – and dived into holes in some of the muddy mounds that were scattered around the site. In control of the surface, they searched the huts, most were empty but one held the bog-strider prisoner they intended to rescue.

Week 56 - The Southern Swamp

by JohnBJohnB 02 Oct 2013 21:03

Rudy and Tamary went on a Honeymoon to Restov, while Charles and the others negotiated an agreement with Lord Numesti. They recognised him as leader of Port Slough, incorporated Port Slough into Newhaven and gave Lord Numesti Charter Lord status. Lady Khavortorov was admitted into the Newhaven nobility in the rank of Patent Lord.

Week 55 - The Wedding

by JohnBJohnB 14 Sep 2013 13:25

The group went home again and settled down to running their country and preparing for Rudy’s wedding to Tamary – Although much of that was done by Charles and Rudy’s personal Event Organiser.

Week 54 - Exploring the Tomb - 3

by JohnBJohnB 01 Sep 2013 10:06

The doors lead into a mist shrouded corridor, which they explored carefully, until they found a double door at the far end, that they discovered lead into a temple dedicated to Gorum. There was a warrior priest standing just inside the door, who Rudy greeted with the words "We come in peace …" - the warrior priest just shook his head sadly and dimension-doored to t stand in the doorway leading out from the other side of the chamber. And started to cast …

Week 53 - Exploring the Tomb - 2

by JohnBJohnB 18 Aug 2013 06:48

After a night of rest they entered the tomb again and, trying to avoid the Golem, they took the misty corridor they had spotted previously. They carved their way down the stairs, going carefully and slowly because they could only see five feet in front of them.

Week 52 - Exploring the Tomb - 1

by JohnBJohnB 10 Aug 2013 08:02

The tomb is turning out to be slow and difficult to explore. The first door they went through led to a chamber with a statue and a very simple ‘corridor’ trap, although they managed to lift the bars that fell fairly easily.

Week 51 - Into the Tomb

by JohnBJohnB 04 Aug 2013 08:24

Things were looking up in Drelev. The Newhaven Regiment had arrived and had been garrisoned in the Watch Tower to help bolster the defences. Towns’ folk were working on the unfinished town walls and Lady Parevain Khavortorov, and her troops had taken up residence in the central barracks while Lord Numesti was busy recruiting and training a militia to take over some of the local policing duties. Numesti had also sent out messengers mainly into Brevoy muster support from their patrons and gather those who had fled, but one had been sent to Newhaven to inform Kisandra it was safe to return to her family home.

Week 50 - The Rescue

by JohnBJohnB 21 Jul 2013 00:13

The next day there was a short trial, in front of the people of Fort Drelev. The Baron was found guilty of treason (among other things) and sentenced to death. The penalty was carried out with immediate effect and his body displayed from the castle balcony.

Week 49 - The Watch Tower

by JohnBJohnB 14 Jul 2013 06:38

Once the giants had been defeated and the noise from that battle had died down, they noticed the shouts, yells and screams coming from the town - so, like true heroes, they headed straight out to see what was causing the commotion.

Week 48 - Taking the castle

by JohnBJohnB 07 Jul 2013 06:47

Cassandra and Lord Numesti were patched up after their personal ‘confusion’ battle and the group started up the stairs to the next level. Larran was first to open the door, to be met by a wall of cracking purple flame, Vaguely he could see Baroness Drelev, with a goblet in her hand, standing in doorway at the other end of the hallway. She was instructing the man next to her to ‘let them have it’ - although her language was a bit more forthright than that. Raising his staff, he did just that and a fireball exploded amongst them, catching them all where they were packed together on the stairs.

Week 47 - Breaking In

by JohnBJohnB 30 Jun 2013 07:39

They waited until early evening to enter the hidden entrance down by the lake shores. Using Robert’s sword as a light source they cleared the entrance and found themselves in a set of natural limestone caves. There were a few short side passages, but there was only one route deeper in. The width and height fluctuated quite a lot and there were signs that it flooded down here occasionally, when eventually they came to a larger chamber. They saw the large blobby thing ahead of them and were starting to investigate when Hebrin shot an arrow into it, and it immediately split into two!

Week 46 - Journey to Drelev

by JohnBJohnB 16 Jun 2013 11:17

Before they set off from Tatzleford, they interrogated a captured mercenary and spent more time talking to Kisandra. Drelev had surrendered to a combined force of Pitax Mercenaries and Tiger Lord Barbarians, although both of those armies had now left Fort Drelev. All that was left was an occupying force from Pitax, although the Five Daughters had been taken hostage by the barbarians as a guarantee of Drelev’s good behaviour.

Week 45 - Attacked!

by JohnBJohnB 08 Jun 2013 08:10

It has been a peaceful time, nearly two years since the problems at Varnhold started. The kingdom has been growing. Rudy has been courting Tamary Numesti, and has even agreed a wedding date. Count Rudy of Newhaven is to be married to Lady Tamary Numesti on Stagfall (Founders’ Day) this year. He has even built a new palace in Horcroft to be their marital home. Everything is going well, winter his turning into spring, the roads are opening up again, the nation is starting to get into its summer routines when .….

Week 44 - Building a Nation

by JohnBJohnB 08 Jun 2013 07:47

Newhaven has been expanding rapidly - first Varhhold and its lands have been added to the burgeoning state and then Loy Rezbin’s Tatzleford was added in - although Rudy still harbours some doubts about Tatzleford while Cassandra is uncomfortable with the speed of expansion as a whole. However, soon the surrounding lands are incorporated, farms built, patrols expanded – and everything seem to be going along fairly smoothly.

Week 43 - The Roc

by JohnBJohnB 19 May 2013 07:46

They sent for Rhodri, the druid who is Jhod's assistant at Elkwall, for advice on the bird and how to drive it away. His first thoughts were to move the road so that the creature wouldn't be disturbed, although he soon realised that he wasn't going to win with that argument. They took the boat up to Lake Silverstep and watched the bird for a couple of days, before Rhodri suggested breaking the eggs and firing the nest site. If anything would drive the Roc away, that might do it.

Week 42 - Archerfest

by JohnBJohnB 11 May 2013 23:28

Planning meeting all around and then off to clear out the tower on Candlemere Island. They tried earlier, without success, but now Robert has researched the spell he needs and is confident that he can banish the aura of chaos and fear. So they prepared magical circles against Chaos and then ascended the hill to the tower itself - where Robert dispelled the chaotic aura of fear that seen]med to be attracting the will o’wisps. As the spell was cast, three strange creatures made of tentacle and teeth phased into view, but they couldn’t penetrate the magical circles. Neither the witch-lights for the Chaos beast were able to attack, so Cassandra could finish the chaos beasts off with a mixture of lightning bolts and fireballs. And the witch-lights just faded to invisible and decided to keep out of the way. They resolved to build a watch tower here, to mark their success and guard their southern borders.

Week 41 - Travelling Abroad

by JohnBJohnB 06 May 2013 07:05

More planning sessions, that started with discussions on how to bridge the gap between Newhaven and Varnhold, and then considered ways to exploit the resources of Lake Silverstep. And when that was done, it was time to visit their neighbours – well Rudy, Larran and Cassandra did - Robert, Ox and Hebrin stayed at home to get on with more prosaic tasks. The first job was to establish contacts with a merchant from Mivon, who specialises in magical items, so they could sell some of their loot and buy bits and pieces to enhance their own gear.

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