Game Session Reports

Week 80 - Mouldy Old Fey

by JohnBJohnB 06 Apr 2014 07:21

All sorts of people were asked for advice – Charles and Peter the Librarian as well as the Nymph and the Dryad that live in The Narlemarches. They confirmed that the event was linked to Nyrissa and that the black swans corpse was some how linked to the First World. When he examined it Peter felt that there were similarities between the body of the swan and the Book of the Dead that allow him to travel through the Paths of the Death and that wards him from un-dead attacks. The Dryad told them that Nyrissa lived in Thousand Breaths and that The Castle of Knives in the forest of Thousand Voices is said to contain a gateway there. The Nymph just fled and hid as soon as the elemental-driven whirlpool and Nyrissa were mentioned.

Week 79 - Rebuilding and Black Swans

by JohnBJohnB 29 Mar 2014 08:28

After the defeat of Irovetti and negotiations with the new Pitax Council, the leaders of Newhaven spent time recovering and planning.

Week 78 - Regime Change 3

by JohnBJohnB 16 Mar 2014 10:25

It didn't take long to find the door that led into the sealed room, and it was soon opened. The stairs lead down to a passage (part natural, part manufactured) that wound downwards, andfinally they came to another small flight of stairs leading down to a door.

Week 77 - Regime Change 2

by JohnBJohnB 09 Mar 2014 10:10

They knew they were only a curtain away from the main hall and throne room, but their map showed them another, longer way, to get to the same place – and they hoped that might help them avoid the ambush they were expecting.

Week 76 - Regime Change 1

by JohnBJohnB 02 Mar 2014 14:23

It took a week and a half to get them selves organised. Robert, Jhod, Father Brald and their clerics were all busy with curative and restorative spells. Robert even found time to cast a spell that regenerated Lady Parevain’s leg (so she now no longer fits the nickname the group use for her - Hoppy One-leg)

Week 75 - The Big Battle

by JohnBJohnB 23 Feb 2014 22:52

With no more they could do (at the moment) at the Abbey or for Evindra the group headed back to their military camp. Well Cassandra teleported Rudy, Robert and Larran there, intending to collect Hebrin and Ox later. However, they walked into the middle of an epic battle. The mammoth Riding Giants, had teamed up with the remnants of the pitax army and the mysterious army they had tried to cloudkills - and they were all besieging the camp.

Week 74 - Return to the Abbey

by JohnBJohnB 16 Feb 2014 09:53

The water clock had been bugging them, and before they returned to the combat zone, they had one last experiment with it. Realising they couldn’t do anything to change the time settings, Cassandra started to open the water container of the clock. As she did so, the stopped came out on its own and the water gushed out onto the floor and turned into a beautiful woman – who was as naked as the day she was born!

Week 73 - The Death of a Priest

by JohnBJohnB 08 Feb 2014 12:24

Having dealt with the ambush, the party continued to move through the monastery searching for the Horne of Killing Cloude or clues to where it might be. In the upper chambers they found a library and the abbot’s quarters.

Week 72 - White Rose Abbey

by JohnBJohnB 04 Feb 2014 20:54

So they decided to take a different tack. Ordering their armies to stay where they were, the party headed out to White Rose Abbey – to further investigate tales that Pitax was building a Horne of Cloude Kille. They took horses, and apart from a brush with a couple of bears, made it to the abbey without incident.

Week 71 - Playing with Armies

by JohnBJohnB 19 Jan 2014 09:34

Robert, Larran and Ox stayed with the army, overseeing its reorganisation and healing. While Larran and Ox oversaw redeployment and movement back to a defensive position, Robert concentrated on healing up the injured troops. It is surprising how many injured soldiers you can get inside a 30 foot radius area when a high level cleric is channelling positive energy!

Week 70 - Change of Plan

by JohnBJohnB 15 Jan 2014 13:37

The party had just cleared the corridor of Pitax troops, and started to explore. There were two double doors on the right side and a large staircase leading upwards. After consulting their map, they decided that the stairs lead up to the arena area.

Week 69 - The Palace (pt 1)

by JohnBJohnB 05 Jan 2014 10:16

Back on the banks of the river, the Charter Lords continued their discussions with Ilora. They established that Gaetane had probably been heading North to Whiterose – and Rudy wracked his brains for tales of the Abbey, and he remembered back to his history lessons. The Abbey had been dedicated to Cayden Calain, and had a reputation for making some of the best wines in the region. However, he also knew that it had been abandoned for years. They spoke briefly about heading to the abbey to try and disrupt Gaetane’s plans, but eventually decided to press forward with plans for a regime change in Pitax. They intended to infiltrate the Palace and remove Irovetti - with extreme prejudice, if it was required.

Week 68 - Interlude.

by JohnBJohnB 27 Dec 2013 23:32

Back at Port Slough, one of the scouts (a half-elf called Vort) reported that he had seen some large orcs in his area. They had been spotted going down a well on a mound. The armies were all assigned to military duties, so Lord Numesti decided to send a SWAT Team. So Helga, Duncan and Rosie got the job.

Week 67 - Littletown

by JohnBJohnB 22 Dec 2013 08:57

Back at Wyvernstone Bridge they found their army fully arrayed around the village and the bridge, and Keston was certain that no one would be able to take either without a fight.

Week 66 - The Pitax Drug Factory!

by JohnBJohnB 15 Dec 2013 13:43

After a short break for healing, the party set off down the stairs to the lower level. However, some people had escaped that way, and enough time had passed for the defences to be activated. So when they started down the stairs they saw a couple of figures waiting for them. The party challenged them to stand aside, but that was met with a stream of flame, and combat started in earnest. It took them a few moments to realise that they were dealing with summoned devils, and one of them teleported itself out of the melee right next to Cassandra, the sorceress! It surprised her enough that she said rude and out) but maintained her composure enough to take a step backwards and cast dismissal.

Week 65 - Preparing for War

by JohnBJohnB 08 Dec 2013 08:58

Intelligence reports indicated that Pitax still had considerable forces. The army that had been routed was reforming, slowly, on the plains north-west of Pitax. There was a massive army of Tiger Lord Barbarians mustered to the north of the city, a smaller army of Mammoth riding giants, and another army to the east, but it was unclear who they were.

Week 64 - Gathering Intelligence

by JohnBJohnB 01 Dec 2013 08:53

When Hebrin got home he found a note under his pillow, purporting to come from their spy-master, Grey Smoke. It warned them that a man call Gaetane was building a ‘Horne of the Killing Cloude’ for Lord Irovetti and that there was a potential ally called Ilora somewhere outside of the city.

Week 63 - Research

by JohnBJohnB 22 Nov 2013 23:37

Straight after the battle decisions were easy. Help the injured and bury the dead. At Wyvernstone it was about re-grouping. However, the scouts from Port Slough were out in numbers, making sure that there wasn’t another army and harrying the one that was retreating.

Week 62 - The Battle of the Bridge

by JohnBJohnB 17 Nov 2013 11:38

Prior Stephan had sent word to Port Slough at the same time as he had sent word to Rudy and the party - so re-enforcements arrived overnight. Lord Numesti (Rudy’s father-in-law) arrived leading his own company of footmen, he also brought the company of Newhaven Foot who had been based at Port Slough as an extra defence - all delivered by the marine units who had so recently started patrolling Lake Hookentongue. Suddenly they had some sort of chance.

Week 61 - Betrayed!

by JohnBJohnB 17 Nov 2013 10:57

The last of the tournament competitions was the Midnight Joust, traditionally used as the end piece of the competition. Both Larran and Ox decided to chance their arms, although they both decided to compete sober, rather than drunk – like most of the competitors and spectators. Both came through the qualifying rounds easily and then won through the first round of the finals. However, in the second round of the finals Larran went out to a woman from Daggermark called Chantal Urena, while Ox managed to beat the Knight from Gralton. Then, in the final round, Ox was up against Chantal (who had beaten Larran) for the right to fight Villamor Koth (the reigning Champion from Pitax) in the grand final. Ox put up a good fight, but the woam from Dagger mark unseated him fairly handily, but then went on to lose to the Pitaxian Champion.

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