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And they all lived happily ever after ...

by JohnBJohnB 25 Oct 2014 22:24

In The West:

Week 98b - The Treaty of New Stetven

by JohnBJohnB 12 Oct 2014 11:24

Back on the plains outside New Stetven there was a bit of a stand off. Not between the Armies (although there were a lot of troops around still) but between the leaders.

Week 98a - The Battle of Skywatch

by JohnBJohnB 12 Oct 2014 09:40

They spent a night in the camp, refreshed themselves, checked that the Armies of Issia had sorted out the incursion in the Golushkin Mountains and then set off for Skywatch. The plan was for Rudy, Cassandra, Larran, Ox, Hebrin and Robert to teleport directly there to deal with the problem of Choral the DracoLich. Then a troop of the most experienced and veteran fighters, equipped to handle undead, would follow to clean the general area up.

Week 97 - Battle of The Dead.

by JohnBJohnB 05 Oct 2014 09:24

While the troops from Issia went Noth to the Goluskin Mountains, Rudy led rest of the army to meet the returning Conqueror. There were troops from Newhaven, Rostland, the Gronzi Forest, The Centaur nations, Pitax and Mivon all arrayed together. In the battle they would be under the command of so many military heroes – Lord Keston Garess, Lord Terrion Numesti, Lady Jamandi Aldori – supported by Ilora Nuski of Pitax and Aecora Silverfire of the Nomen Centaurs.

Week 96 - War and the Return of The Conqueror

by JohnBJohnB 21 Sep 2014 10:57

The war started. While the leaders of Newhaven were trying to decide on a plan, the Hill mercenaries attacked their army. The first the leaders heard about it was when messages arrived saying that Leveton was being evacuated because of the fighting. They rushed to the scene and a few high level spells directed at the Hill Men soon had an effect and before long the Brevoy mercenarytroop had broken and were in full retreat.

Week 95 - Back to the real world

by JohnBJohnB 14 Sep 2014 12:07

They took their time to explore the rest of Nyrissa’s house, and discovered and over grown area full of damaged statues, a library, a ransacked treasure room and an indoor garden.

Week 94 - Nyrissa and The Fable

by JohnBJohnB 07 Sep 2014 07:06

Rudy returned after a short while, and tried to talk Larran into lending him Briar for a moment or two. In the end he only managed to get hold of Ox’s sword and disappeared again with that. Then reappeared a few moments later without it – he had left the sword behind when he returned and was sent back for it – which he appeared to managed fairly effortlessly. Eventually he started playing the bagpipes, which fascinated Cassandra (literally) – however, Hebrin realised that Rudy as using magic on them and a short altercation occurred. An un-fascinated Cassandra managed to break the enchantments he was under with a dispel magic. Rudy had been charmed by Nyrissa and a suggestion had sent him to collect Briar for her.

Week 93 - Defaced Nymphs

by JohnBJohnB 31 Aug 2014 12:27

This time they took a couple of days to recover and prepare to meet the defaced nymphs again. However, they took a slight different route this time. The first room the encountered was a beautifully appointed drawing room, the walls lined with various artistic equipment – and a tree growing in the middle of the floor. They drew around, looked at it, decided it was magical and came up with a plan to cut it down - when it suddenly turned into a Defaced Nymph and hit them with its Baleful Gaze attack. Fortunately they had strengthened saving throws and only Hebrin suffered - before the Nymph was sent to whatever afterlife the fey enjoy.

Week 92 - Upstairs

by JohnBJohnB 17 Aug 2014 06:46

They continued up the stairs, to find a grand ballroom, inhabited by a couple of Advanced Barb-tongue Wyverns – who seemed to be fore warned of the party’s approach. They met Rudy on the stairs by standing well back and trying to gab him with their tongues. There wasn't a lot of room for the two large flying creatures to exploit their full manoeuvrability and they quickly got trapped into mêlée combat. Except they took exception when Cassandra cast a fireball at them - as one, they flicked out their tongues and both caught the sorcerer. Dragging her towards them she finished up suspended in mid air upside down … Ox cut through the tongue of one, Larran killed the other and the young sorceress was finally rescued as the second Wyvern was slain a moment or two later.

Week 91 - The Wriggling Man Pt 2

by JohnBJohnB 03 Aug 2014 16:07

They got healing from the priests of Pharasma, not as much as they would have liked - but all that the priests in the city could provide quickly, formulated a plan and went straight back.

Week 90 - Some Serious Opposition

by JohnBJohnB 27 Jul 2014 05:41

The excursion through the house continued. There were a few more Ghost Guards in the servants’ wing, before they found the storage cellar. The Knurly Witch had set up hime here. The party had bypassed her house in the forest clearings, and she had retired here after that. However, in the cramped quarters of the cellar she was not able to use he abilities and was a fairly easy conquest. She summoned an Elemental and a Gorillion but they were both dispatched really quickly and she was forced into toe-to-toe combat. That didn't go well for her – and her body was dragged up to the courtyard, along with piles of stored lumber and burnt, as a defence against her coming back to life.

Week 89 – Into the House.

by JohnBJohnB 26 Jul 2014 07:16

Now the courtyard was clear the party were able to take a good look around and decided to start with investigating a single story building with double doors. They found a small stable, but were a bit taken aback when a clearly dead and very glum looking horse poked its head over a stall gate. Soon there were six of the beasts, all with insubstantial hooves and already fitted with the lightest of tack. A couple decided to ride then, and Rudy discovered the these phantom steeds could fly as well as run. A fascinating magical stables - but no-one had the time to investigate how the magic worked and if they could ‘purloin’ it.

Week 88 - The Biggest Dragon

by JohnBJohnB 15 Jun 2014 19:49

The bridge had been guarded by a dragon, the gate house by a larger dragon and now they discovered that the courtyard was home to an even larger dragon. Larran’s sword know what it was as soon as it came into view. “ Jabberwock!” it exclaimed, quickly followed by “Let me at it” and ”Killll it!!!!” or “Staaabbb it”.

Week 87 - Ghosts and another Dragon!

by JohnBJohnB 08 Jun 2014 15:27

They pressed on across the bridge to eventually spot ghostly forms flickering around the walls of the gatehouse. Larran went in for the fight, but mis-judged the number and soon found himself surrounded by incorporeal assailants, while the others drew up into battle soon afterwards. However, they were hard-pressed, doing little damage to the ghosts, but getting seriously injured by their assailants corrupting touch. Eventually, itit got too much and Robert used a word or recall to whisk himself, Larran and Ox out of the battle. Once the warriors had gone, Cassandra quickly hit the ghosts with a two freezing spheres, one after the other and managed to finish them all off.

Week 86 - Dragon!

by JohnBJohnB 01 Jun 2014 08:15

Once the threat at home was dealt with, the group tried to teleport back to the gate they had marked as the entrance to Thousandbreaths. However, the act of dragging it from the first world into the material had destroyed the link. Instead they found themselves at the top of a cliff, looking gown on the glades they recognised from the first world. Turning about there was a lake, set into an almost circular mesa, with a stone causeway leading to a strange looking house.

Week 85 - A Plague of Giants

by JohnBJohnB 31 May 2014 15:00

Having forced Thousandbreaths into the material plane, the party were able to teleport home. Only to hear news that Torwatch was under siege from Ice Giants. So Cassandra teleported everyone there to free her home. She found Pharasma’s Chantry and the Barracks destroyed – and a group of giants taking bets with each other about who could strike the tower with thrown rocks.

Week 84 - A Thousand Screams

by JohnBJohnB 10 May 2014 06:25

The path lead to the Waterfall Grove, with a waterfall cascading through a pair of hands carved from the rock. The Glade was guarded by a mated pair of colossal flying owl bears, which foufght valiantly to defend their homes, before they were defeated.

Week 83 - Into the First World

by JohnBJohnB 04 May 2014 08:03

Filled with determination the party continued with their original plan, and teleported to Littleton and then by boat upriver towards the Castle of Knives. The journey was fairly uneventful, except for a few minor encounters that were easily dealt with.

Week 82 - The Horned Hunt

by JohnBJohnB 19 Apr 2014 06:35

After a bit of research and a short discussion, the party decided to go straight to the source of the problem and invade the First World, or at least Nyrissa’s part of it, in an attempt to stop these strange attacks on their land. They has decided that The castle of Knives, hidden deep within the forest of Thousand Breaths was their best bet for getting there and set off, first to teleport to Littleton (where they had bested a flight of Wyvern and met Illora) and then upriver by boat.

Week 81: Nightmares on Free Street

by JohnBJohnB 13 Apr 2014 07:24

After beating the Mandagora swarms they retired to Tatzleford to report that the infestations were cleared, but that rangers and druids should check the area over to make sure that it hadn’t been permanently damaged by the otherworldly incursion. Only to hear of an earthquake in Horcroft – there wasn’t much detail, just the raw detail that there had been an earthquake in the city.

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