• Honey Cake - Just about every hostelry (and even every housewife) have their own recipe for honey cakes. and this sweet confection has rapidly become a 'National Dish' in Newhaven. However, just about the best honey cakes come from Oleg's Tavern in Leveton and are made to Svetlana's secret recipe.
  • Smoked Eel - The humble river eel is found in just about every waterway in Newhaven and there are other species of eels in some of the lakes and rivers. The meat from an eel is easy to smoke and lasts for months without any other preservative and , because of this, has become one of the most widely distributed fish in the region.
  • Hooch - Well, Blue Wolfberry Hooch to use its proper name. Blue Wolfberries grow wild in the hills ansd are easy to cultivate - and it starts to ferment easily. Left rough, it makes a thick alcoholic brew favoured by many humanoids and barbarians, but fermented properly, racked and filtered it can make a local wine substitute. It is a light blue colour with a tinny flavour.
  • Blue Jack - To make Blue Jack, you take Blue Wolfberry Hooch and freeze distill it outside over the winter, until it is about half the volume that you started with. Bluer, stronger and tinnier than hooch, Blue jack serves as the local liquor.
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