South March

South March marks the most southerly point of New Haven - well at least to the west of the great slough. It also marks the southern extent of the New Haven Army's march in the war with Pitax. It started as an earthwork and ditch created with a Lyre of Building, and has since been reinforced with stone facings and gate towers and the core of the new town will be built inside these protective walls. Keston Garess, High Warden of New Haven and Deputy General of the New Haven Armies was given the Lordship the town as reward for his part in the battle and elevated to the rank of Patent Lord.

The Keep: Home to Keston Garess, Lord of South March. This fortified enclosure holds a small manor house and a barracks for the local troops. Between the barracks and the towers on each corner – this counts as a watch tower.

Gate Towers: Three of the other four towers guarding the gates in the citadel wall, serve as offices / store areas for the Town Watch. The fourth acts as HQ for local Yeomanry.

Monument to Pharasma: Set in the middle of the citadel, this spiral of stone commemorates those who fell here in battle. It is served by a low level adept of Pharasma called Brother Bartholomew.

General Stores: It is the only shop in town and sells a bit of everything. 90% chance of anything less than 10gp. 15% chance of items between 10 & 15gp.

The Half Way Inn: A typical coaching Inn. It has a few private rooms and a couple of large dormitories. With food and ales (etc) served in the common room.

Livery Stables: Get animals re-shod – hire a mule or leave your horse here overnight.

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