Social Status in Newhaven

The Ruler: The single most influential person in the whole state, but chosen by the Charter Lords. Currently Lord Rudy Orlovsky.

The Charter Lords: The most powerful hereditary nobles, the Great Houses, who form the High Council of Newhaven. Originally, the five people who were given charters to explore and colonise The Stolen Lands, they retain the right to issue equivalent charters to other nobles. They control some of the most prestigious positions of the Newhaven Council.

The Patent Lords: Hereditary lesser nobles with limited influence – the Lesser Houses. They get called, once a year to the Great Council where they can try and influence policy.

The Lord Advisors: Life time titles for politicians and advisors, normally awarded to people who hold positions on Newhaven’s Council.

The Chivalrics: Minor titles generally reserved for combat specialists of one sort or another.

The Gentry: The influential, wealthy and high-born who don’t have titles of their own but who move in all the right circles.

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