Silverstep is a simple frontier town on the margins between the mountain and Lake Silverstep. Many narrow tunnels have been cut into the mountain, as small groups of miners seek the iron ore they know is there. What ever they get is brought back and processed in the Iron Works. Prospectors scour the hills, looking for the strange whistling pock marks that house crystals - these are brought back to town for cutting and polishing at the Crystal Works. Then there are the fishermen, who hunt out the thick bodied Silver Eels that are considered to be such a delicacy, which are bought back to town for preservation at the Fish Works. Tenements and small apartment blocks provide the housing.

The Net and Pick is a rough and ready ale house , It only sells Ales, Mead and Hooch (no wines or spirits) and normally has eel stew for dinner. For two silvers a night travellers can sleep on the inns floor.

The Barracks houses a few wardens, who act as the town watch, and a few marshals to patrol the surrounding area. The marshals have a boat that allows them to patrol the nearby lake.

1) Chedage Smithy - a smithy specialising in making cold iron and steel weapons.

2) The Gardens - A collection of small businesses - cheap eateries, bars, gambling dens and ladies of the night can all be found within the walls of this block.

3) Basil's Stones - a gem cutter and Jeweller specialising in making highly decorative items out of the Crystals found locally

4) The Boneyard - a small cemetery maintained by the Pharasmans.

Hebrin's House - Hebrin has had a typical old fashioned Halfling house built in the middle of Silverstep. It is low with rounded corners, almost hill like, built of stone and timber, and liberally surrounded by gardens. An outer wall provides privacy and basic security. All the doors, corridors, rooms and furniture are sized for small individuals, any one of medium size needs to squeeze in and make themselves comfortable, as best they can, on piles of cushions. Size Large or bigger creatures just don’t fit in at all.

It is filled with his extended family- Mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins, nephews, nieces all sorts … between them they get involved in every thing, there are fishermen and crystal hunters as well as people who frequent the pub and know the miners. They know everyone, and get deals from every one – but they know which side their bread is buttered and they make sure that Hebrin’s interests are top of their agendas. When Hebrin comes home, he is feted and treated like a Lord - every thing is done for him ….

Totals Stability +4 Economy +6 Loyalty +3 Def Mod +2 Income +5 pop 1250
Iron Works Income +2 125
Crystal Works Income +2 125
Fish Works Income +1 125
Net & Pick (ale House) +1 +1 125
Manor House +1 125
Barracks +1 +2 125
Chedage Smithy +1 +1 125
Basil's Stones +1 +2 125
The Garden +1 +1 125
The Boneyard +1 +1 125
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