Rudy Orlovsky

Count Rudy is the Lord-Ruler of Newhaven. He is married to Tamary Orlovsky (nee Numesti)

Rudolph or Rudy as he has been known as long as he can remember, is a minor member of the Orlovsky family. His mother Marian was a debutante who had a brief affair with one of the Elven entertainers at her ball which ended when her father noticed her condition. Marion was packed off to the country for a few months before being hastily married to a respectable merchant named Gideon, with whom she had two more children Cecilia and Jacob, she is now a proud grandmother.

Brought up within Gideons house for his earliest years Rudy was thoroughly indulged by his mother until his elven blood reminded her too much of his father and he was packed off to boarding school in Restov. An indifferent and troublesome student Rudy was expelled from the school three times, in two cases for associating with women outside the school and once for smuggling a young lady into his dorm (she made off with a number of choice items from the school treasury as she left).

Rudy's favourite uncle Ivan was often called to mediate (bribe the head master) between Rudy and the school and in an effort to burn off Rudy's excess energy and keep him out of taverns and inns he had him enrolled in Baran's Fencing School, where the noble made his first real friend Elbert (Ox) a fellow pupil who he has subsequently dragged into most of his scrapes and adventures.

Rudy is a keen collector of interesting objects as he feels each item tells its own story, in his youth he collected music and now has a good selection, having inherited his fathers voice and rhythm, he is a fairly talented performer and enjoys having an audience, left to his own devices he can often be found in a tavern playing to the crowd.

Rudy is around five foot nine with neatly brushed silver hair, piercing blue eyes and a winning smile, he is typically well dressed and wears a lot of gems and jewels. Rudy has a deep appreciation for beauty, adventure and the Fey.

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