Lord Robert Of Wyvernstone

Lord Treasurer of Newhaven
Cleric of Iomedae

Robert is a foundling who grew up in the Temple of Iomedae on tales of bravery, smiting evil and fighting corruption – all overlaid with the local tales of Swordlords. How could he refuse the challenge to help build a new society in The Stolen Lands?

Shorter than average and stocky, Robert wears his blonde hair in a crew cut and has blue eyes.

Robert believes New Haven should have strong laws that help guide the population away from evil, a strong army to defend the nation and a militia that encourages everyone to learn basic military skills. After all, not everyone can be warriors - but everyone should have the ability to prove their bravery if required.

He has established his personal holdings at Wyvernstone Bridge on the East Sellen River.

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