Restov Politics

The Lord Mayor is appointed by a High Council of the most senior Swordlords, to run the city on their behalf.

In Restov the title Swordlord has come to mean something between a Knight, a Burgher and a neighbourhood watch Vigilante! They patrol the areas around their sword schools and businesses keeping the areas free from crime, grime and undesirables. A swordlord, and his men, have the legal right to dispense minor justice, police the area and keep the peace. Sometimes their justice seems severe - but generally it is seen as ‘reasonable’. Many Restov Swordlords come through the various Duelling Schools in the city, although many others are recognised for their business, social or political contributions. Overall they make up the middle and upper classes of the city.

Swordlords - Restov recognises three categories of Swordlord with different rights and responsibilities -

  • Swordlord (Optio) – The middle classes. Fully trained duellists from sword schools, junior officers, the well off. They have very few special rights and responsibilities, however there are the Citizens, Owners. Policemen, Owners, and day-to-day officials of the city.
  • Swordlord (Praefectus) – Upper middle classes and lower nobility. Head of sword School, magistrates, senior officers, minor aristocrats, the wealthy. These people often have responsibility for something. Heads of sword-schools are responsible for ensuring their 'patch' is patrolled and make sure that there are one or two Optios (plus a few trainees) to hand. Senior administrators are responsible for overseeing the running of the city and its various departments Etc.
  • Swordlord (Dominus) – These are the true Aristocrats of Restov, who are members of the High Council. They are ….
    • Lady Jamandi Aldori, First Sword Lord, is one of only a few high ranking Swordlords who can claim a direct line back to the Sword baron himself.
    • Lord Ludomir Chov-Aldori is master of a large Aldori Sword School
    • Lord Stavian Veldurian is leader of the largest Taldan duelling Salon
    • Lord Nikita Lavrin-Aldori is master of a large Aldori Sword School.
    • Lady Ludmila Larov is a wealthy merchant - but no slouch with a pair of short swords.
    • Lord Yuri Nev-Aldori is another merchant and Aldori duellist.
    • Lord Arlan Bemarn master of the largest duelling house teaching the modern style of rapier duelling.
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