Restov Intelligence Reports

Restov – (session 28 – approx 1 year since the party set out from Restov)

Political situation – tension between Restov & House Aldori and New Stetven & House Surtova.

Since the disappearance of House Rogarvia* (some years ago) there has been a ‘stand off’ in The Rostland region. Their disappearance left a vacuum - all of their main manor houses in the Rostland were left empty. The rump of House Rogarvia still hold a few scattered manors, but they are effectively leaderless.

House Surtova hold New Stetven and their leader, Noleski Surtova, sits on the Ruby Throne as King-Regent. The Surtova Expanded out from New Stetven to ‘protect’ the empty Rogarvia manors in the north.

House Aldori, under their leader, Jamandi Aldori, expanded out from Restov to ‘protect’ the empty Rogarvia manors in the south. It is the first time in many years that the Aldori have united behind a common leader and acted like a Noble House – the first time since their destruction by Choral the Conqueror nearly 200 years ago at The Valley of Fire.

(Jamandi Aldori is THE most influential sword-lord in Restov – perhaps only the Lord Mayor and the High Priest have more influence)

There are murmurings from the North as to how the Aldori are getting above their station.

Now that the Bandit and Centaur problems to the South of Restov have been dealt with, they have been reducing their southern defences and and bolstering their Norther Lines.

*Note - Noble houses are seen as one big family with duties and responsibilities to other members of the family, especially the head of the family. The senior people in most Noble Houses are linked to the head of the family via blood or marriage (and therefore by blood in the second generation). However - individuals, families and even Minor Houses can be ‘adopted’ by a Noble House as well. Members of those groups are expected to adopt the same standards and responsibilities as any other member of the House. However these are rarely more than minor members of ‘The House’.

In the case of House Rogarvia, it was all the members who could trace their bloodline back to Choral the Conqueror who ‘Vanished’. There are still ‘adopted’ minor members of that house around.

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