Religious presence in Newhaven and its surrounds

Erastil is (probably) the primary deity in the Newhaven the area. He is the deity of the countryside, and most peasants and country-folks are followers. May places will have a low level adept/cleric/druid who act as lay-preachers and provide simple informal services. There are travelling clerics who can carry out more formal ceremonies such as Christenings, Weddings and Funerals. He has small temples (shrines) at Elkwall, Tatzleford, Varnhold & Port Slough. There are Monument dedicated to Erastil at Leveton and deep in the Narlmarches. Father Jhod is the High Priest of Newhaven

Pharasma is the deity of choice for ordinary city folks. She is primarily concerned with life and death, and supplies midwives and burial services to the community. Pharasma has a small temple (shrine) and boneyard in Horcroft. They also have a boneyard in Silverstep while Father Aaron Brald has set up a chantry (shrine) at Tor Watch.

Iomedae has a priory at Wyvernstone Bridge and a Monument in her name at Horcroft. The priory will eventually be the domain of Lord Robert – at the moment it is configured as a military school. It is popular, as a finishing school, with aristocrats and the wealthy - although it also offers training to those who show an aptitude. There is always a small number of low level Aristos, Warriors, Fighters and (possibly) paladins based here. Some have religious training as well as military (Adept/warrior or fighter/priest). Lord Robert is treasurer of Newhaven.

Abadar has a small temple (shrine) in Horcroft that provides banking and notary services to the tradesmen of the city

Cayden Cailean’s clerics run an ale house called The Lucky Drunk in Horcroft. It only sells ales, mead and hooch (no wines or spirits) – there is a party of some sort every evening. Rudy is a follower (of sorts)

Calistria has a cleric who runs a brothel in Port Slough. Lord Larran is a follower of Calistria.

Hanspur has a small shrine (little more than a monument) in Port Slough.


Desna, in the form of Mother Moon, is worhipped by the centaours of the Dunswald

A brief overview of local religions and how they fit together. Most pragmatic people will make passing donations to a range of deities as they see fit.

Community Faiths

Erastil is the most popular deity among the country folk of Newhaven, Rostland, Restov and the Gronzi Forest. Followers of Erastil live simple lives and espouse traditional philosophies. Leaders and ministers are most likely male and human, and are probably fairly low level as well. They tend to have shrines in villages, which each support a couple of Circuit Preachers who travel around the local hamlets and thorps, supporting the Lay Preachers who live there. Faithful from outlaying communities are expected to come into a shrine for at least confirmations and weddings.

Pharasma fills a similar role, for many city dwellers and the country folks from of the rest of Brevoy, although her shrines are more commonly found in towns and cities. They specialise in Funeral and Midwifery services, but record births and death in the community and will conduct wedding ceremonies (although they are fairly basic) on request. Their clergy and leaders can be of either sex and of any race although they are often Monastic in nature.

Abadar is a favoured deity of many of the wealthier members of society, such as nobles, merchants and businessmen, and his clerics often provide record keeping and banking facilities for the community. A shrine or temple to Abadar is likely to have more Deacons than other religions. Clerics of Abadar will happily issue birth or death certificates, and consider that marriage is a formal contract that should be negotiated, agreed and properly signed.

Torag has a strong following in the Dwarven Communities of High Delve and Brunderton - but doesn’t have a particularly strong following outside of those areas.

Warrior Deities

Gorum is favoured by many of the Issian noble families, and their background as raiders, pirates and brigands follows through in a sense of readiness to defend their lands and influence. There is a cathedral dedicated to Gorum in New Stetven and many noble houses have Chaplains dedicated to Gorum.

Iomedae is less favoured in the region but she has a noticeable presence. The crusading nation of Mendev, tasked with controlling the demon invasion from The Worldwound, is just across the Lake of Mist and Veils and the lawlessness of Iobaria and The River Kingdoms is just a short hop away as well. Her temples are generally military monasteries dedicated to training troops.

Minor Religions

Hanspur is a minor deity who is seen as ‘The Spirit of the Sellen’ – he is a deity of death, travel and the river. He has many aspects but doesn’t have many formal temples or shrines.

Calistria is less popular, formally, although you may well find gambling houses and brothels dedicated to her and run by her priestesses.

Cayden Cailean has a few alehouses dedicated to him scattered around the area. However the mysterious Feasting Hall of Cayden Cailean is reputed to appear, occasionally, to the south west of Mivon.

Desna has a few travelling clerics and (perhaps) the occasional shrine, but Mother Moon has few formal worshippers among the human population.

Less Welcome

Gyronna, The Angry Hag, is a goddess of hatred, extortion, and spite. She only allows females into her priesthood, and the most people fear her clergy for their ability to poison the minds of others with hate, turning friends against each other and making enemies out of allies.

Norgorber is known as a deity of thievery and assassination, as well as a keeper of secrets. His followers are generally well hidden within society.

Lamashtu is the mother and patroness of many misshapen and malformed creatures that crawl, slither, or flap on, above, or below the surface of Golarion. She has followers - but hew worship is outlawed in many places (including Brevoy)

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