Pub Grub

Simple Meals

As served in Cheap Ale Houses and bars. All are fairly filling if somewhat bland. They count as Poor Meals.

Starter (5cp)

  • Cold Pease Pudding - a small portion of coarse yellow pea cake. Can also be taken as a snack.

Main Courses (1sp)

  • Turnip Soup - Boiled turnips in fairly thick soup. Turnips refers to any white or yellow root vegetable and the soup thickens as they break down whilst boiling.
  • Stewed Cabbage – Cabbage (leaves and stem) and a bit of onion cooked together slowly.
  • Borscht - Beetroots (and a few turnips) boiled and then shredded. This is a thin soup with lots of little bits of vegetable.
  • Mash and Gravy - mashed roots with a spoonful of a dark sauce on top.

Dessert 5cp

  • Honey Cake

Tavern Meals

A selection of these dishes will be available in most taverns. They are all filling and tasty. They count as Common Meals.

Starter (1sp)

  • Fish Soup – small pieces of fish in a clear soup.
  • Onion Bread – fresh griddle bread with onion in.

Main Courses (2sp)

  • Smoked Eel Stew – Turnip Soup with flakes of smoked eel and a few herbs added. A tasty, filling meal.
  • Bacon and Cabbage – Stewed cabbage with slices of bacon and apple added, which makes for a fully flavour dish that really fills the belly.
  • Game Stew – Whatever the hunter brought in cooked with whatever vegetables are available. The recipe changes daily but it is always rich and filling.
  • Haggis – served with seasonable vegetables
  • Grilled Fish – served with seasonable vegetables
  • Grilled rabbit – Served with seasonal vegetables.

Dessert (1sp)

  • Bread Pudding
  • Blue Wolfberry Tart
  • Honey Cakes
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