Pitax Politics

Pitax Politics – Power brokers in order of decreasing influence

Castruccio Irovetti, King of Pitax. Came to Pitax about 15 years ago and has ruled the city for most of that time. He controls /owns The Iron Fox trade house, much of the New Ruins District. He also owns farmland and wineries around the disputed town of Sarain (that is reputed to be the best wine producer in the region.) His officers include General Avinash Jurrg (an Ogre Mage) and the barbarian Villamor Koth (Captain of the Guard and Irovetti’s bodyguard). Over the last fifteen years he has strengthened his position and powerbase. The Pitax Army (mainly normal L2/3 Warriors) , Pitax Heralds (Bardic agents) and Pitax Wardens (Fighter Officers) report to him. They patrol the streets, guard the walls and report back quickly …

The Bandit Houses. Long ago, a group of bandits fleeing reprisal in Brevoy founded the safehold that would become Pitax. Their leader, the bandit lord Cesare Cattanei, became the patriarch of the Cattanei family, esteemed residents who ruled over Pitax during the early centuries of its existence. Descendants of the other original bandits also formed three other influential families: the Liacenzas, the Vascaris, and the Strocalles. Technically the bandit Houses share rulership of Pitax with Ivoretti, although their influence has reduced significantly over the last fifteen years.

  • The Cattanei Family: Though the Cattanei family had the greatest role in founding Pitax, its influence in the city diminishes with each passing year. Salvarri Cattanei (Head of the Family) recently took control of the Red Crescent Theater, more in an effort to curry favor with Irovetti than to make a contribution to the fine arts. They used to own The Serpent’s Breath Trade House but were forced to sell a controlling interest to Xapiri Yasmina, a mysterious merchant from Cheliax.
  • The Liacenza Family: the Liacenzas controlled much of Pitax before the arrival of Irovetti. . When they lost their controlling interests in the famed vineyards of Sarain and Iron Fox Trade to Irovetti, their influence declined greatly. The family’s head, Gasperre Liacenza operates out of the Fallen Star Tavern (in the New Ruins District) as the warehouses of the Iron Fox remain under Irovetti’s control
  • The Strocalle Family: The Darkwind Trade House of the Strocalle family currently enjoys the greatest wealth of Pitax’s Trade Houses, but it wields disproportionately minor influence. Simply put, no one in Pitax trusts the Strocalles. Their loyalties lie first with profit and second with members of their own house, with all others being a very distant third. Lady Eliste Strocalle controls both the Darkwind Wind Trade House and the Strocalle family
  • The Vascari Family: With their large warehouse at the docks of the Sellen River, the Vascari family controls the ships that make their way to Pitax. Unlike the other Trade Houses, they keep few holdings within the city, but their rule over the river makes them a force to be reckoned with. Every sailor in Pitax owes allegiance to the Vascaris and the Riversong Trade House. The Vascaris follow the rule of Jhofré Vascari.

Xapiri Yasmina - a merchant from Cheliax, owns a controlling interest in The Serpent’s Breath Trade House and thus has influence over who can trade through Pitax.

Kharne Vereel - a Gnome, is the not quite so shadowy leader of the Pitax Underworld. He controls a semi-legal group of drug manufacturers and dealers based in the Rose Tower. They even pay taxes …

Atalia Gitaren - the Headmistress of the Academy of Grand Arts (female half-elven)

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