Pitax People

Pitax people –

Castruccio Irovetti, has his own sheet

Salvarri Cattanei, Head of the Cattanei Family and manager of The Red Crescent Theatre. He is an entertainer who has all the management and organisational skills that come from an aristocratic upbringing. In his 40’s he is balding slightly and always comes across as a bit ‘put upon’.

Gasperre Liacenza, Head of the Liacenza Family and owner of the The Falling Star Tavern. A youngish man (20s) open, friendly and chatty, well spoken, well educated from a good family – and generally fair with his clients. However, he runs a tavern with drugs smoking rooms in the back.

Lady Eliste Strocalle controls both the Darkwind Wind Trade House and the Strocalle family. Well spoken and with a sharp mind however she is both scheming and ambitious. She puts her own interests first, the family second and everyone else third.

Jhofré Vascari controls both the Vascaris and the Riversong Trade House. The Riversong Trade house is one of the most respected on the river – it makes fair deals and sticks to them – and that reflects in the personality of Jhofré. In his thirties, he is known for keeping his word – even when it goes against him. However, he is seen as an outsider in Pitax.

Xapiri Yasmina - a woman from Cheliax who controls The Serpent’s Breath Trade. Although she is an outsider, she fits into Pitax well. She always drives hard bargains that benefit her and her business. Uncompassionate, she rules her staff with an iron fist.

Kharne Vereel - a Gnome, is the not quite so shadowy leader of the Pitax Underworld. He has been using his own drugs for much too long. He is untrustworthy at best.

Atalia Gitaren - the Headmistress of the Academy of Grand Arts (female half-elven). She is (apparently) a genuine talent with a wonderful singing voice. Quiet and unassuming she is considered to be doing as good a job for her students as she can. Even the least skilled students speak well of her.

Joravin Pyathe (Male dwarf) Shipmaster of the Yards. Appointed to his position by the Liacenza brothers during their rule of Pitax, Pyathe ensures that the merchants coming into the city pay the appropriate tariffs for their goods. Though none of the Trade Houses particularly like Pyathe, he acts as an arbiter for disputes between the various families, and his gruff but fair disposition means that he never shows favourites.

Drey Yarnes (Male), a middle-aged priest of Calistria and notorious bachelor who watches over the cathedral. Fit and possessing a sharp tongue, Yarnes knows much about the city and what goes on within its walls, some say far more than a simple clergyman has any right to know.

Roald Celinnas - A curmudgeonly fellow who owns The Crow’s Feather inn. He is thought to be the great-grandson of a powerful wizard from Brevoy, He shows little interest in magic but has a vast collection of writings than “he found in a box somewhere”. He seems to have an uncanny sense of who might be scheming to rob him.

Cayid Caconna, is the most skilled sculptor in Pitax by a long way. Local tales tell of Caconna
magically turning his artistic rivals into stone to get such high quality work.

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