Pitax Intelligence Reports

Pitax - (session 28 – approx 1 year since the party set out from Restov)

Pitax is a hub for trade in the River Kingdoms. It aspires to be a centre of culture and higher learning as well. However, greedy adventurers eye the rich land on its northern frontier and picture themselves as rulers of their own kingdoms, collecting taxes that this kingdom so desperately needs for itself. Only the actions of Pitax’s shrewd leader, Lord Irovetti, have managed to stave off this downward spiral to ruin.

Or so goes the official line. However, Drelev, rather than Newhaven is spoken about most frequently.

The ordinary people don’t seem to have much of a view, and the trade houses are busy trading all over the River Kingdoms.

There are, perhaps, two or three hundred guards in the city.

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