Overview - Long a haven for thieves and smugglers, Pitax is a hub for trade in the River Kingdoms. It aspires to be a center of culture and higher learning as well, but cannot escape its more unsavory origins.

Since King Irovetti lost the war with New Haven, The Pitax Council run the city and surrounding area.

Some areas of interest are ….

Trout Mouth - The wharfside of Troutmouth is a strange mix of hard-working warehouse workers living with their families near the docks and freebooting sailors who drift in and out of the city with their ships. Though this often leads to loud and boisterous conflicts between the two groups in the wee hours of the morning, both the workers and the sailors share a grudging respect for one another.

The Square of the Common Man - the town criers of Pitax appear in the square, at the start of the day and noon. Merchants and nobles gather in the square to meet and conduct their business, often sitting side by side on the wooden benches circling the giant Fountain of Sorrows, which commemorates those lost in the recent civil war.

The Shattered Ward- Long the spiritual heart of Pitax, the Shattered Ward grew from the remnants of the bandit keep built during the city’s earliest days. This is where most merchants and travellers conduct their business. Its streets are the busiest, its buildings the largest, and its shadows the most likely to hide secrets and dangers.

The Palace - Once the sprawling manse of an eccentric wizard, this estate, known simply as “the palace”, was then home and headquarters to King Irovetti and his entourage. For the moment it stands empty

The Cathedral - The last remnants of the keep built by the original settlers of Pitax, Calistria’s Cathedral is where most of the citizens of Pitax worship. The walls of the cathedral are worn and battered, but those who live in Pitax like it that way. The cathedral stands as a symbol that no matter what happens, Pitax stands above the fray.

The New Ruins – The Cultural heart of Pitax, The New Ruins presents a half-realized appearance, with the sculpted stone facades of buildings along the Inner Fortress turning to carved wood and eventually to plain timber near the edge of town. At its farthest reaches, public funding and interest waned, leaving several blocks of ageing rubble and dangerous, burnt-out frames available for whatever squatters or dangerous creatures dare to claim them.

The Red Crescent Theatre - Both a centre for entertainment and a haven for learning, the Red Crescent is where many a would-be actor seeks fame and fortune.

Intelligence Reports

These are now out of date, but may still provide some useful background information.

Collected after the raid on Tazleford

The Earliest Reports

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