Para-Military Units

Paramilitary troops are groups that have some military training and combat experience but are normally deployed in a different role. They can be ‘Called Up’ into service and then deployed to your armies, where they operate alongside regular soldiers. While these units are made up of various different character classes and backgrounds – they generally average out as CR1 light infantry, equivalent to L3 warriors. Para-militaries have an advantage that you don’t have to pay for them during peace timer (although you need to start paying maintenance costs for them as soon as they are called up). The down side is that it takes a while to muster and deploy them. Great if you have time to prepare ….

If you follow the standard Leadership roles, your nation will have two different type of National Paramilitary Unit.

City Guards – The Warden commands the City Guard. As your nation develops each town or city might have their own warden and Guard - overseen by the Lord Warden of Newhaven. Guardsmen are normally trained warriors deployed in a community policing and defensive role, who can be turned into an effective military force fairly quickly. The problem is that they are spread around all over the place and it takes a while to get them together and organised.

National Patrol - The Marshal helps organize patrols and enforces justice in rural and wilderness regions. A mix of rangers, rogues, warriors and experts who patrol the roads and byways of the nation - who also find their way into the wildest of areas on a semi-regular basis. Again these guys can be called up to make a regular fighting unit - however, they are spread all around the nation and it can take a while for them to muster at any given location.

The numbers of guardsmen and patrolmen your country can raise will depend (to some extent) on the number of military establishments (barracks, watchtowers, garrisons and castles) that you build.

You could do things that will allow you to increase your paramilitary reserve as well. These are just some examples. If you think of something else, feel free to suggest it :}

Sword School - in Restov each of the Sword Schools support a Neighbourhood Watch with responsibility for policing their own areas, while in Mivon the Aldori Swordlords make their living by hiring out mercenary companies. There is nothing to stop you from making arrangements and treaties with various sword schools, if they want to operate New Haven.

Paladin School - No reason why you couldn’t establish a monastery training paladins or similar. These could even be established as a cvalry group which would allow faster deployment - although there would still need a while to muster initially. I am sure Robert would be interested.

Mercenary Company You could, for example, establish (or support) a mercenary company that specialises in supplying shipboard or trade caravan guards - with the proviso that they might be called up in times of war.

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