Other Combatants

Although they are not part of the official forces in Newhaven there are groups of combatants who make a commitment to help out in an emergency. There may not be all that many of each of them - but together they might just help swing a battle. They fit in as appropriate.

They muster automatically as a defensive force (in Newhaven) if the country is attacked. However, in extremis they can be added to an offensive army, but they will expect payment.

Some examples are:-

The Kobolds – The Sootscale kobolds have agreed a mutual military pact with Newhaven and should muster a few of their troops to help out in times of war. They aren’t big and they aren’t strong – but they are sneaky.

The Lizardfolk - The Murque River Lizardfolk also have a mutual understanding with the Newhaven military and they, too, should turn out a few troops when required. They are much more comfortable in water (or a wet environment) than on dry land.

Glynn’s Sword School - The agreement that allowed Legnus Glynn to open his Sword School in Horcroft included a clause that his staff and students should be loyal to the nation and should be available in times of need. Not all will come, but there will be a selection of Aristocrats, Duellers and even foot soldiers who will turn out for the reserve.

There will be other establishments as well - these are just the ones I can think of.

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