Nivakta's Crossing

Small Town: Pop 350

Nivakta’s Crossing is a small walled town that controls one of the only bridges across the Upper Shrike River. The Road to Varnhold joins the South Rostland Road here.

The town is defended by a sturdy palisade and towers, and even the bridge has defensive towers at the far end – although since most of Restov’s troops have been withdrawn from this area, they are not all that well defended. The town has fields growwing all the normal crops, but also grows a lot of tarragon for use in teas and cooking. There is also a fleet of small fishing boats that work the Upper Shrike. The town has been doing well recently, picking up new trade from settlers and merchants on their way to Newhaven and Varnhold.

Places of Interest

The Tarragon King is the town’s original Tavern. It sells average quality food and drink, and can put travellers up in a big bunk room.

The Buxom Slipper is a new inn, opened since all these travellers have been passing though. While it too has a bunk room it also has a set of six bedrooms (single or double occupancy) and nicer meals for more discerning guests. It has a plaque on the wall that says “Count Rudolphus Stayed Here’

The Pharasmin Abbey a shrine to the goddess Pharasma that gives religious support to the local community. They record and oversee all the births and deaths, as well as providing basic religious support to the town.


Mayor Irven Revanisu – he has an office by the bridge.
Sheriff Lorin Kaven - He is based in one of the gate towers, but only has a few local people to man the gates.
Abbess Kara Ilarenika – Senior Cleric of the Pharasmin shrine.

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