Newhaven Centre

The Newhaven Centre provides a base of operations for thee different places - all heavily associated with Newhaven. However theyare all housed in one strong compound in the Troutmouth area of the city

  • The Newhaven Embassy

Marco Bracci as the ambassador, with Desiree Tyrell as housekeeper. Hebrin is even sending one of his staff to act as a Cultural Attaché at the new Embassy.

  • Monument to Iomedae

There is statue of Iomedae (Monument) in a quiet part of the Newhaven Centre, which can act as a focus for simple religious ceremonies. It is over seen by an Adept from Wyvernstone Abbey.

  • Six Heroes - Trade house

Kisandra Numesti is head of the Six Heroes Trade House of the new trade house, where she would also represent Rudy, Cassandra, Larran, Robert, Ox and Hebrin on the Pitax council.

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