Set amongst swamps and bogs, Mivon always seems to smell of fish and dampness.

The low quarter is filled with a jumble of warehouses, huts, cabins, animal pens, granaries, flop houses, ale houses, brothels, gambling dens and drug parlours. It is over run by gangs, thugs, drunken sailors, river pirates and the rest of the low life one finds in a city. The quayside is littered with fishing nets, small boats and river barges ready to trade up and down the river. The only place of interest here is the offices of the Mivon River Masters – a trade association for independent ship’s masters.

The central quarter (set on one side of the city) is on higher ground and has much drier roads! It is home to the Central Square which serves as both a market area and hosts the Sevier, a weekly gathering for swordsmen and swordswomen who wish to prove themselves in public. Here you will also find the Council Hall, home and office to the Mayor (Raston Selline) and his administration. Much of the rest of the area is taken up by the well protected courtyard villas that are the city residences for the Aldori families. There are a couple of well established (but fairly expensive) Inns, a trader in magical items (Anada Yarki) and a well respected merchant house (Vysult Shipping). House Yitis-Aldori, which is renowned for its fleet of small and exceedingly well protected river vessels, trades from its compound in Central Quarter.

The few areas of high land surrounding the City are crowned with Aldori family keeps – reserved for themselves and their followers. The keeps of the larger families are almost small towns in their own right - while the smaller families may have little more than a fortified manor as their base.

Mayor Raston Selline,
Adjutant Gaspar Tellick
Speaker for the Houses in Exile Andara Gisvet

Swordlords: Calistria; Seranenae; Desna
Populous: Pharasma; Calistria; Hanspur

Newhaven have established relations with ….

House Zeydor-Aldori, a house of Aldori Swordlords. They are one of the major house – but they are a middle ranking ‘major house’. They have three minor houses associated with them - Orshy, Ruchaet & Ardvesi (The last joined the larger family after their successful exploits in the Pitax War). The Zeydor have an stronghold in Mivon and are developing a second base (Zoraz) in Newhaven. They have a seat on the Great Council.

Vysult Shipping, A family owned merchant fleet who run a small fleet of keel boats - all with well armed crews and marines – and are considered fairly trustworthy. They have a small compound close to Central Square. The Vysulty are one of the few influential families without an Aldori association. They have a trade mission in Newhaven and various contracts with Charles and his administration.

The River’s Edge Cutters are one of the gangs in Mivon. They ‘look after’ a number of bars safe houses, smugglers and fences. Sailors, Pirates, hard-nosed fishermen, the occasionally burglar, bouncers - a real eclectic mix - most are hard and well skilled in the used of a dagger or knife. Helga used to be a member and took the Charter lords out drinking with them.

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