Military Buildings

The Regular Forces

  • Army - a standing force of fighters ready to defend the nation at a moments notice.
  • Navy - A standing force to patrol the major lakes of New Haven)

The Para-Military

  • The Light Brigade Light Infantry who patrol and guard the roads and towns of Newhaven. (8)
    • The Watch - who keep an eye on the towns and villages.
    • The Patrol - who patrol the roads and wilderness to keep them safe.
    • The Guard - who stand guard over important places and people.
    • The Coast Guard - trained guardsmen who patrol the rivers and shorelines in boats.(1)
  • The Reserve - Trained fighters and warriors, ready to help out in an emergency. (4)

The Militia


Troop Types

Support Troops

  • Auxiliaries The staff in the military buildings. They have basic military training, but are there to do the cooking, cleaning, grooming etc …
  • Yeomen Not really soldiers at all, but they have some basic training, and help out.


  • Light Foot - general use troops with melee and ranged attacks, can move 2 hexes per day. However, they are very flexible in the ways they will work. The Watch, The Patrol and the basic guard units are composed of light footmen. Medium
  • Light Foot (Marine) - Light footmen trained to fight in boats, often used to patrol rivers and lakes. can move 2 hexes per day on land or water.*
  • Mounted Foot - Elite footmen who are mounted on horses. They ride ( and cover 3 hexes a day) but then fight on foot. Good mobile reinforcements for towns or to serve as dispatch riders.
  • Specialist Archers - Good for ranged attacks, not so good in melee - and not very flexible in the duties they will perform. They can move 2 hexes per day.
  • Hammer Men No ranged attacks, good in melee, but best used defensively. Not very flexible in the duties they will perform. They can move 1 hex per day.
  • Heavy Foot Elite heavy footman. Slow, ponderous and carves through the opposition during melee. No Ranged attack. NEW They can move 1 hex per day.


  • Light Cavalry - General Cavalry - nothing special but but ranged and melee attacks. They can move 3 hexes per day.
  • Lancer - Medium Cavalry - very effective when they can charge the enemy. No ranged attack. They can move 3 hexes per day.
  • Heavy Cavalry - Classic Knights …. They can move 3 hexes per day. NEW / Updated
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