Once the site of an old fort turned trading post, Leveton has turned into a small, but thriving, community. It is surrounded by a rampart with a palisade on top of it. In times of trouble they can shut and bar the gates to keep intruders out.

(1) The Wyrm’s Head (an old trading post) uses a Tatzlewyrm Head as its emblem and serves as the Village Tavern. It serves reasonable quality food and drinks, with dormitory style accommodation for travellers and bunk based accommodation for longer term residents (such as trappers resting up over the winter). It is renowned for the quality of its honey-cakes, which are made to Svetlana’s secret recipe. Oleg still trades from the office, and the village guard is based in one of the old corner towers

(2) The Manor House - Oleg and Svetlana’s House has plenty of room for expansion and looks like a traditional country manor house with a walled courtyard, strong walls and enough room for a bunch of servants.

(3) The Stables - Vekkel Benzen, a one legged ex-trapper, runs a small stable and livery in the village. There is a very small forge in the stables where a farrier/blacksmith works. He can shoe horse, mend wagons and he does simple jobs for villagers. Vekkel Benzen is also a low ranking member of the Church of Erastil and oversees the religious life of the community.

(4) Bokken the Herbalist – talked into moving closer to ‘civilisation’, this recluse makes potions, lotions, remedies and a potent herbal liquor.

(5) The Tannery – set outside town because of the smell, the tannery treats hides and skins locally and serves the large population of trappers and hunters who still work the area.

(6) The Barracks__ Leveton Barracks is a typical country barracks under the command of Sergeant Commandant Bron Garnett.

(7) Erastil's Statue. This monument sits right in the middle of the town square.

Totals Stability +4 Economy +4 Loyalty +6 Defense Mod +6 Pop - 875
The Wyrm’s Head (Tavern) +1 +1 125
The Stables +1 +1 125
The Tannery +1 +1 125
Bokken (Herbalist) +1 +1 +1 125
The Manor House (mansion) +1 125
The Barracks +1 +2 125
Erastil's Statue +3 125
Town walls       +4 0

Base Value 1000gp and 1 minor item for sale

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