Last Line Of Defence

The People

The people themselves have always been the last line of defence for any country, and at various times have actually been the main form of defence for some countries. In Saxon times they were called The Fyrd, during the ECW they were known as Club Men and from the second WW there is an element of Dad’s Army and the ARP wardens. They are also represented by Special Constables, Volunteer Fire-fighters, wild west Posses and other similar groups.

These are the guys who step in to help out when you need it. When the Town Guard has been sent away to serve in the army, or when there is an outbreak of goblins – these are the guys who come out to swell the numbers and help keep things running smoothly.

You can always raise a small force of volunteers – but you can do all sorts of things to improve the number or people who turn out and the training that they have.

Enact a Law: You could enact a law that required each village or community to turn out a given number of troops to a basic specification. That was the case with both the Fyrd and various English militias.

Fund a Group: You could fund various groups to provide support. The Trained Bands of the ECW were civilians who had regularly turned up for military practice. The Club Men weren’t armed with clubs, but were members of mutual support groups (clubs) lead by local worthies and even the Boy Scouts were formed (originally) to fill a similar role.

Can you think of other examples? Let me know …

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