Lord Larran Evenstar

Larran is a long way from home. A rash, rather unsubtle character, he didn't fit in his native lands. He is secretive about his home and family.

He is 5'8 and 133lbs, with blue eyes and shoulder length blonde hair. Like all elves he is unable to grow facial hair. He is in well-worn clothes, but all his fighting equipment is well-cared for.

He's not comfortable around large bodies of water; and climbing is for monkeys and squirrels. If there is an alternative he will always take that; even if it means a 3 day hike.

A follower of Calistria; he prefers the Riverlands way to the elven way of worship.
He loves his wine, women and good food. although not necessarily in that order. Gambling is too subtle for him.
If he has spare coin he can nearly always be found down the local tavern or brothel; and maybe even the temple.

He has been travelling for several years; earning his way through his skill with the sword or herbs. He had heard about this new country while nearby so thought he might be able to profit by it; hoping to earn enough to set up his own herbalist shop.

He managed to get himself an invite to a party where he could see the people setting up this new country and try to gauge whether they are capable. He also managed to gain a place leading a caravan heading to New Haven.

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