King Irovetti

King Ivoretti of Pitax

A small, slight man who walks with a pronounced limp, Lord Irovetti is not physically intimidating or particularly handsome. He is, however, a charming fellow with a gifted memory, one who knows even the smallest of details about those with whom he speaks. He is unmarried although has had a number of consorts and companions since he came to Pitax.

However, some observers have noted that Irovetti’s methods seem to be the work of a shrewd genius at times, and a raving madman at others.

He sees himself as a Patron of the Arts. He founded the Academy of Grand Arts , is a The Patron of The Red Crescent Theatre and commissions public sculptures through out Pitax and particularly in the New Ruins district.

Ivoretti came to Pitax about fifteen years ago, set up as a merchant and within a short time had taken ownership of the Iron Fox Trade house from the Liacenza family , ownership of what is now the Palace, and ruler ship of Pitax as a whole. Most of the individuals involved died, in mysterious circumstances, in the following couple of years.

However, he has been the driving force behind the redevelopment of The New Ruins, a residential and business quarter that had been significantly damaged during the civil war and never properly been rebuilt. The New Ruins are now the ‘artistic quarter’ of Pitax. It houses the Academy and the Theatre as well as artists, performers and sculptors (amongst other everyday folks).

Ivoretti is a wealthy man - he was wealthy when he got here and has controlled tax income for many years. He owns a lot of property in The New Ruins (including the Academy), he owns the Iron Fox trade house and has controlling interest in the Theatre. He also holds title papers for The Palace and has a number of trade and business related interests.

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