Khavortorov Family

The Khavortorov Family hold a number of small estates along the River Steven, which were granted to them as reward for supplying Aldori trained knights to support House Rogarvia.

People: Arkza Khavortorov is the current head of household, and his sister Lady Parevain Khavortorov is the High Marshal at Fort Drelev.

History: The Khavortorov Family are descended from a group of Aldori Sword Lords who threw their lot in with Choral the Conqueror. They offered their support, assistance – and their fighting men to the conqueror and his descendent. And they profited from it with grants of land all along the banks of the River Stetven.

Now: They have some land, of their own, and have pushed a short way out from their river bank homes, but they don’t want to upset the Surtova. Instead they are trying to consolidate their position as a minor house in their own right and they are building their own stronghold on a piece of land north of the river. However, progress is slow.

Colonies: Lady Parevain Khavortorov is the High Marshal at Fort Drelev, and the family has supported that venture with a number of troops.

Word has it that the Khavortorovs have agreements with various other smaller families left abandoned by the disappearance of House Rogarvia. And, it is rumoured, that once they have built a suitable stronghold and are seen to be strong enough to ‘hold their own’ many of those smaller groups will pledge loyalty to them.

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